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Something else I just noticed in episode 5

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In the video below, a fan speculates Kenny was knocked out by the Stranger and locked away in a "secret room" the game mysteriously forbids you from entering.

At first I thought this was unlikely, since the Stranger had even more reason to kill Kenny than Lee, and would probably just murder him outright instead of knocking him unconscious, but there's further evidence to support this theory: When Lee first arrives at the Stranger's room and puts his ear to the door, you can just make out the very distinct sound of something being dragged across the floor, possibly a body. Could that have been the Stranger dragging Kenny into the other room?

Did Kenny survive? Will he be the protagonist of season 2? Guess we'll know for certain before the month's over...

  • Wow. That's interesting. I'll watch the vid later. I was wondering about that.

  • Yeah i was wondering that too, but i never looked into it. I would like to see that happen. Jesus i was so caught in the moment i forgot there was a dragging noise when you listen. The stranger comes out that room straight after.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    When you enter the room The Stranger tells Lee "I got us adjoining rooms". He could be referring to Clementine's room. However, Clementine seems puzzled by this door as well after saving her. If Lee tries to open it Clementine will re-direct to the exit. And when they leave the room Lee forgets Clementine's walkie-talkie in the room.

    There is something up with that door. They even focused on the walkie-talkie before switching scene. Maybe the individual locked in that room will find the walkie-talkie and return it to Clementine. It can be anyone locked in the room, but it have to be someone who already know Clementine for him to bring the walkie-talkie back to her. It could be Kenny, Molly or Omid and/or Christa. Perhaps Molly witnessed what happend to Kenny, and when Lee got separated from Omid and Christa Molly went in and tried to rescue Clementine by herself, but got captured. So many possibilities.

    God I can't stand the excitement.

  • I did always find it weird that you could not go into that door, I am not jumping to it has to be Kenny, and this is coming from someone who wants Kenny to be alive so badly, but it is one of the most interesting theory's set forth.

  • Kenny will not be a protagonist... -_- ugh..

    • I know this forum has a sizeable "F*** Kenny" crowd, but I'm really having a hard time getting behind the idea of an entirely new PC. The notion of basically starting over from scratch (so to speak) just makes me feel tired, to be honest.I'd rather play as SOMEBODY who has emotional connections with season one, and besides Clementine, Kenny is the only other character who's been a part of the series since day one.

      (I'm not excluding Molly and Christa/Omid, I just think Clem or Kenny make the most sense from a narrative perspective, IMO.)

      • It honestly wont be a character you've met. They HAVE set personalities. Kenny isnt going from a "FUCK LEE AND EVERYTHING HE DOES UNLESS HE PERFECTLY SIDES WITH ME 100% AND EVERYONE LOVES ME FOR SOME REASON" personality to "I'm with anything the person controlling me does" We'll most likely be a 400 days protogonist or a completely new protagonist.
        I dont see why everyone is getting angry at me for stating the obvious. If we DO play as kenny, I wont be continuing the series as Telltale has sacrificed good writing just to please some minority of fans.

        • Dude, I'm not getting angry. I'm just pointing out my own reasons for thinking Kenny would be a possible candidate. For the record, I'd be completely content with playing as a 400 DAYS character (Shelly and Bonnie being my two faves), as long as their story arcs tie significantly into season one's.

          You should also give a little more credit for how much a traumatic near-death experience can change a person. The zombie attack in the alley/building would arguably be the closest Kenny has ever come to dying in the entire series thus far, assuming he survived. The incident could basically "reboot" Kenny's personality to the point where he'd more more malleable as a PC. Whether he continues being the vindictive douche we all know from season 1, or a man who genuinely cares for the safety of others, is entirely up to the player.

        • people tend to change after personal strife. someone would go through an assortment of emotions until they finally accept what has happened to them. we never got to see what he would be like when he accepted what has happened to him so its possible he could be a completely different person afterward. he wouldn't be for first person to change after something awful happens happens to them. most tern bad others tend to stay depressed for a long time. few people will stride on forward to try and create a better future.

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    Omid's cat BANNED

    Stranger would drag Kenny through streets full of walkers and put him into secret room? Seriously?

    • kenny would not know who it is that help save him so he wouldn't immediately think that the guy who helped him out is the same guy that took clem. its easier to trick someone into walking into a quite place away from the walkers than it is to drag them.

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      FreddeN93 BANNED

      Remember the Station Wagon outside the hotel? He could just have found Kenny unconscious, or rescued Kenny only to knock him out and put him in the trunk and ride back to the hotel where Clementine is locked in.

  • I do not believe Kenny will be alive in Season 2, there's no way he could have outran/killed all the walkers depending on the choices you choose, in Season 2 we will eventually come back to Savannah and find him as a walker or dead.

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      FreddeN93 BANNED

      Probably. I'm just wondering why Clementine and the protagonist would return to Savannah after what she had to experience there. If it is Omid & Christa she see in the cliffhanger they won't return to any city, as Christa suggested staying in the countryside.

      • Assuming the 400 days characters haven't traveled to Savannah yet maybe Clem told them about Crawford, Lee, etc. And thought it would be best for the group to travel there together in order to scavenge supplies as I'm pretty sure they won't depend on Tavia for long, and I also believe there is some fishy stuff going on with Tavia's group, I don't exactly know what but I can sense it.

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          FreddeN93 BANNED

          Remember what Christa said. They have been surviving because of their small number. Form a big group and return to Savannah is going to result in another massacre. And I think Clementine is fully against returning after what she saw with her parents and Lee etc.

  • Seldom do I give extreme props but whatever this is wow...

    I went back through to watch the walkthrough and sure enough you can hear dragging... Also the wood is worn on the floor near that door.

    I'll be darned I figured Special K as a gonner but who knows now.

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