• At first it was a shocker, but then I realised this was a prequel so meh. I'm curious to see how the story unfolds though.

  • I've always considered Bigby to be the main character of Fables, but yeah Snow's head didn't have much impact on me. The only thing it really managed to do was make me question Faith's death even more than I already was (Mirror). I'm just hoping it doesn't play out too similarly to the way the Rose Red case did.

    Reading the comics also made it difficult for me to suspend my disbelief at times. In general Bigby seems less observant than he should be. One instance that springs to mind was Toad's bleeding head that was hidden from Bigby by a hat of all things. There's no way that would have worked.

    One thing I will say is it's really refreshing to be back in Fabletown with Bigby as Sherrif and Snow working for the Mayor. Hopefully Jack will turn up and the original status quo will be restored. I always felt the comics rushed into change too quickly.

  • It didn't ruin it. I was shocked, then confused. Now Im just really curious to see how they are going to handle this. It has to be through some kind of magic. The witches for sure.

  • It didn't ruin it for me. I find myself being curious about a couple choices that Telltale has made.

    It has been fun trying to find references to the comic aka the floating ship and the knight in the armor.

  • Nope I'm cool with it, I don't want TTG to follow everything in the comics.

  • Not really, though it did affect how i made some choices though.

  • Y'know, maybe there was a reason Telltale took the name "Fables" out of the title. Maybe this is an alternate timeline and Snow really is dead. I doubt it, but I just want to throw that out there.

    • It's not an alternate timeline, TellTale,Vertigo and Bill Willingham have all repeatedly said that the game is a prequel to Fables and that it's in continuity with the comics.

      So it is not an "alternate timeline" and Snow will probably return at some point. The Telltale guys working on the game are Fables fans and respect the source material.

      • Yeah and Steven Moffat said things about the Doctor Who 50th then later said he was lying his *** off. What if the writers were just trolling us.

        Personally, I disagree with my own theory (I did say I was just throwing it out there after all). Mainly because of Magic Mirror hiding Faith's location though. Not because of anything comic related

  • I hadn't read the comics until I finished "Faith" and immediately needed more Fables so I picked it up. I appreciate that I played through it first before reading the comics, as I was genuinely shocked by the ending. That being said, when I picked up Legends in Exile and saw that Snow was alive, it made me even more intrigued about where this story could be going.

    One small thing I noticed, and this might not mean anything at all and I could be completely wrong, but I found that Snow White in Legends in Exile is much more of a hard ass and seems to be pretty cold toward Bigby when things start off, at least compared to how she acts in "Faith" In the game she much warmer and kinder toward Bigby, even showing concern for him. I'm curious to see what happens, is this really the Snow White from the comics, and if it is, what happens between Bigby and Snow that changes their relationship to the state that you see it in Legends in Exile

  • I havent read any of the fable comics, so forgive me for going off topic a bit here, but as a compliment, does anyone else get a vampire the masquerade vibe from this game? I loved the atmosphere there and its hitting me on this game too in a way :)

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