Tweedle's Serial Killer Theory

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Who do you think killed Faith and Snow?
Here's what i think happen, i think Dee killed Faith (If you choose to go to Toad's Apartment first, he beats up Toad looking for info on Faith. When he finds out Toad doesn't have any, he threatens to kill his son. And goes to Lawrence's to seek info. Arriving there, he tries to get something out of him, but when he reveals that Faith is dead, he gets motivated to suicide, then he kills himself.

A minute later Wolf enters the apartament, and Dee tries to hide, for obvious reasons. Then Wolf finds him, and chases Dee. When you finally get him, on the conversation, he mentions Faith's death, but no one saw her head except for Snow and Wolf, and they move it right after Snow shows it to Wolf, so the only way he knew about this is seeing it before Snow arrives, because if he saw it when Snow was heading to Wolf's apartment, he probably would've investigated or called someone and not just staring at it.

And i think Snow's killer was Dum. Just notice that only Dee enters the Trip-Trap, without Dum. So while Dee's at the bar, Dum kills Snow. That's my theory, what's yours? Who do you think killed Snow and Faith?

Ps; Sorry for the bad english, i'm don't speak fluent english :P


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    That's a pretty good theory. Those Tweedle's definitely know something. However that whole story Dee gave us about going to Lawrence's to tell him about Faith, and Lawrence shooting himself... I don't buy it. Something just seems wrong. Am I alone on this?

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    I didn't buy it at first either, but after playing and re-playing, notice that (if you chose Toad's Apartment first) if you choose to ask Lawrence who did this to him, he'll say "faith... faith." before dying. I think he killed himself because of her. That line sold it for me. But it's just a theory so :p

  • Well if you go to Lawrence first you still find out that he attempted suicide, however he only shot himself in the chest. If you go the his apt. after seeing Toad he will also have a hole in his head.
    I believe that the head shot was also self inflicted because if you go to him first (again only the chest shot) and wait to jump out at Dee too long Lawrence will then shoot himself in the head. I think that the same thing happens if Dee is the one to tell the prince that his wife is dead, he shoots himself and that those last words are just a sad man thinking of the girl he loves with his dying breath. however, if you jump out at Dee before this then you "save" him and he even shows up in the next episode cinematic hysterically asking where the rest of Faiths body is.

  • I have a feeling its none of the suspects on the lists, it's someone that we wouldn't expect, the headless horseman perhaps?

  • I'm guessing that, going by the various threads on here that I'm the only one that doesn't think that Faith is really dead? It might be a stupid reason, but when asking the mirror about the location of Faith, the mirror says that it is unable to answer(can't remember the exact phrasing but it didn't say that it was because she had passed on, but something to do with being prevented from giving her location). It is conceivable that the mirror is banned from giving out information on the dead, but it just seemed a little hinky to me at that point.

  • No. You are wrong. Brothers were hired to find the killer. There is one more person who knows about Faith's death. Crane. He says (to Bigby): "if you can't menage it, I'll find someone who can." He is the one who hired Dee and Dum.

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    With my playthrough, Snow was already in the room with Crane so I had just assumed that she had told him. Also, what motive would Crane have to have Faith killed? Assuming that this is based on Noir, then there will be motive and not some raging serial killer. There has to be some thread tying the victims together or Snow came across something that would identify the killer so she was taken out as well.

    Edit: What if it's concerning marrying royalty? I know that faith was a princess, but if I remember correctly, she ran off from her father to marry a prince. Snow married Charming but they got divorced. Wouldn't it be a kick if Charming was the culprit acting out some form of revenge against princesses due to Snow divorcing him due to his adultery? This would also give him motive to try to have the evidence point to Bigby for his perceived stepping into Charmings rightful place as Snow's love interest.

    Edit 2: And I just got what you were getting at. You weren't saying that Crane paid the bros to kill this cast but instead to find out who killed Faith in the first place. That's possible.

  • Well the mirror can see where the dead are, at that same time where you asked about Faith you are given an option to ask about her father in which the Mirror shows you a skeletal hand wearing the same kind of ring as Faiths.

    The words the mirror speaks are: "through powerful magics her whereabouts concealed. Unfortunately for you, these lips are sealed."

    "These lips are sealed" are the same words spoken by Faith both times you ask who she works for. Meaning that whatever magic is hiding her whereabouts is the same that kept her silent.

  • @Omid's cat.
    I just posted a new thread opening with my theories, at the end I added a semi-joking theory and part of it was that the tweedles where hired by Crane. But right after I wrote that down I realized that it makes more sense than pretty much any other theory I've heard.

  • Crane may just not trust Bigby, wants to show he is uneffective or it's all about mysterious Faith's item.

  • On second thought, I think you're right. :)
    I just replayed it tonight, and I suppose Dee's story seems legit. He and Dum however do seem to be involved with Faith's murder.

  • I also went to Lawrence's first - although I didn't tell him Faith was dead - I implied she was missing. Lawrence got upset - and instead of shooting himself - he fires an intimidation shot at Dee, demanding Dee tell him what he knows about Faith / her whereabouts. I didn't have to jump out to save anybody, but I got to see both Lawarence's and Dee's reactions.

    I liked this option because it confirms Lawrence didn't kill her, although I think he may have been set up to take the fall. The blood on Lawrence's had was dry - he originally shot himself a while ago - but the pool of blood off the corner of the Murphy bed was still tacky - as if somebody (probably not Dee) severed a head and left a knife as evidence - to implicate Lawrence in an apparent murder/suicide.

  • I agree that Faith probably isn't dead too. The mirror however does show Faith's dead father - so it has no trouble showing the dead. Faith's whereabouts is shielded magically somehow.

  • magically sealed by the same person that sealed Faith from giving you information. Both Faith and the mirror very obviously are forced to use the specific phrase, "these lips are sealed."
    Whatever is happening, be she dead or not, i think the culprit has yet to be introduced.

  • What if Tweedle's had their part in the plan, but the real culprit wasn't them? What if the Red Queen is also involved? Off with their heads as she may say...

  • Make sure you you read all about the fables in the book of fables in the pause menu guys! Because if you read the tweedles, it says that they are almost inseparable... So maybe when dee enters the bar dum is nearby maybe? i dont know, just throwing out an idea.

  • everyone is forgetting that i think the killer is the seven dwarfs snow whites buddies or bufkin

  • That theory makes no sense, really. You don't know your Fables anyway, that's for sure.

    The only suspects introduced so far that might have done it are Bluebeard, the Pimp and the Woodsman, out of which the Pimp is by far the most probable one. If he happens to be called Georgie, that may make it even more probable since Lawrence seemed to believe a man named Georgie was behind it. The ginger man is as good a guess as any, as well.

  • I'm going to go on record and say that the killer is the taxi cab driver. It makes the most sense.

  • are not Toad...Now get some glamour!

  • Do you know the Georgie Porgie nursery rhyme. I believe that is who Lawrence is mentioning.

  • I don't have a guess as to who the killer is, but I have a guess on who ISN'T the killer and who hired Dee and Dum. In the Book of Fables description for Bluebeard it says he kept all his wealth and that he makes large donations to Fabletown (probably to be left alone and be left to do whatever he pleases). At first Snow and Bigby are the only ones who know about the murder. Then Snow tells Crane. I think that Crane is in cooperation with Bluebeard (for good or bad I don't know, but I don't think it's related in this case). I think that Crane tells Bluebeard and that Bluebeard hires Dee and Dum to find out who the murderer is. He wants to know so that he can either prove his innocence or just use the information to his political advantage or whatever. So I don't think that Bluebeard is the murderer but someone is trying to frame him. And what better way for a serial killer to get away with it than to frame a former serial killer. Not to mention do so by pissing off the most badass Fable, Bigby, in town and turn focus his rage on "potentially" Bluebeard.

  • Well, there are some good theories here. I summarize what I think based on what others have said.

    1. Regarding Tweedle Dum & Dee, I agree that they were hired by Crane based on what he says to Bigby on the way out of the office
    2. Regarding the murders of Faith and Snow, I originally though that Faith's pimp was the potential killer. Now that Snow has been killed too, I no longer think that. Then I thought, well maybe it was Bluebeard because he was a serial killer that decapitated his victims. However, that would be too easy and is probably what Telltale wants us to think. So, my theory is that we have not seen the serial killer yet and the suspects that have been made known to us so far are not the killers. The murderer is still unknown to us, they have not been revealed yet.
  • Not banned on the dead at all my friend, for you can view the body of the old king, lying in some swamp somewhere by the looks of it.

  • Don't acuse your killers before they kill. Evidence and clues is what we're all waiting for.

  • Any proof that they were looking for who killed Faith? No. Why the threat to Toad? Why did Dee go to Lawrence's apartment after being at Toad's as Toad did say? Why the blood on the shirt at the end after being clean when Lawrence is saved? Why is the blood on the fireplace if you went to Toad first if Lawrence commits suicide from the closet's side? Why is he scared of Bigby every time we see him? On the list the top suspect/s should be Dee & Dum.

  • Może nie szukał zabójcy Faith, lecz jakiegoś jej przedmiotu. Z tego powodu groził Ropusze i krew na koszuli Dee mogła należeć do płaza, nie do Lawrenca. Dokładny przebieg wydarzeń w domu księcia nie jest jasny. Mógł tam być ktoś jeszcze, wcześniej.
    Dee i jego brat nie mogą być sprawcami tak wyrafinowanej zbrodni-intrygi. To mięśniaki, niezbyt bystre.

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    Zgadzam sie€€ z€€e wydarzenia w mieszkaniu ksi€€ecia nie s€a€€ jasne, wiele na to wskazuje szczególnie krew i nóz€€ który wygla€€da zaczarowany tylko nie pami€e€tam w której basni. Jedyny sposób na to aby krew byl€€a Pana Ropuchy to jes€€li ma dwie koszule albo jest zwia€€€zane z tym €z€e gra wysz€€€la na sprzeda€z€€ zanim byl€€a w pe€lni gotowa, dowiemy si€e w drugim epizodzie. Szuka€€c moz€€e tylko magicznych przedmiotów lub slady, Niebieskobrody wtedy by byl€€€ ich szefem. Dee na kon€cu szuka kobiete€€, czuje€€€ z€€€e szuka Pi€€eknej.

  • As soon as we find out who Dee and Dum are working for I think it would shed more light on who beheaded Faith and Snow... In the game it said they were butchers, thats a good point in their direction and then there was the scrap of jeans, which could belong to them...
    It just feels rather too obvious and clearly there is something major missing... I'm certain episode 2 is going to revile something about Bluebeard or Crane who I think have the best possibility of being the boss of Dee and Dum. And then there is the mysterious Pimp...
    I really have doubts of Dee and Dum being the killers, but I think they could be the errand boys who placed the heads on the steps.

  • The jeans match Ichabod so far and maybe Bluebeard & Dee.

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