• I was starting to think the same, none of the current suspects likely did it, so I am thinking beyond them, I like this theory.

  • hm personally I think Ichabod might be involved in the rise of the Headsman, but then again I might be wrong. I do believe the headsman is the killer though, I mean Crane/Ichabod was known as a coward in the fable, so he might be just as scared now in New York

  • True, just because you had the opportunity to change does not mean everyone did.

    • Well when I was thinking about change, bluebeard crossed my mind. Unfortunately, the fable says that bluebeard was decapitating his wives, not random women and since neither Faith nor Snow were his wives, it seemed a bit impossible. Bigby did change indeed, but Ichabod is def the same coward, except that now he's the one in power(technically speaking).

  • Couldn't the killings be personal towards Bigby rather than Ichabod? You obviously take a liking to Faith and based on Colin's conversation with you, your feelings towards Snow are easily known. And remember, the Horseman usually keeps his heads. I am more inclined to think the bodies would be left as evidence instead. You obviously have thought about this deeply, but I'm still unsure.

    • Good point, but then again none of this theory's are air tight currently, I personally like the idea but I will keep a open mind about everything.

    • Usually if a crime was committed it must be with a reason in mind. The problem is that I do not see any connection with someone hating Wolf enough to Snow and Faith. Yes, everyone was aware that something was going on between Bigby and Snow, but he only had contact with Faith once which would make the killing a bit odd since there were more women known. Let's assume someone hates Bigby a lot and tries to kill every women that Bigby had contact with. Going with that in mind Beauty might be the next target. The problem is that it still does not explain who would hate him enough to do that. In a thread below someone pointed that the ginger boy had clean clothes and everything when they met him. The killer however left a tiny piece of fabric and there was blood all over the place. Right now , I don't see any other explanation except that the Headsman is collecting the blood price (or rather the ''head price'') or he is just loose and Ichabod is freaking out.

  • Nice theory. I'd love to see Headless Horsman in the game. But does anyone know what HH would look like with glamour, maybe from the comic or something. Does the glamour, if he uses it, give him a head or something?

    • My guess he would look rather normal, with a actual head on his shoulders, so I would say picking him out of a crowd with Glamour would be rather hard. Come to think of it, does he ever show up in the comics?

  • This is an amazing theory that I did not think of and makes sense on why the victims are be headed and placed.

  • The proof that he exists When Ichabod Crane leaves his office, Snow, Wolf and Bufkin search for any register of Faith. When they Bufkin finds the books, Snow says: "Any information on fables in our community will be somewhere in these books" So every fable character in those books are either in the community (except for faith's father, which is dead). There's an image of Ichabod and the Headless Horseman at the right up-corner of the image.

    Your logic is a little flawed. Without spoiling anything I can say that not everyone who exists in those books, and still lives, is part of the Fable community. It says in the intro that the Fables were exiled from the Homelands, but that's not strictly true. Those that could fled but many remain in captivity.

    • Noface is right, if you examine Red Ridding Hood in the book of Fables Bigby comments on it saying that she didn't make it out during the Exodus.
      So not everyone who shows up in the book necessary are in Fabletown or even still alive.
      I believe the scenes chosen in the book are just there because they are scenes that make the characters more memorable, to make it easier to distinguish who they are. If the picture just showed a guy with an axe I'd think of Paul Bunyan or something but put him next to a wolf and a girl in red and I know that he's the Woodsman. Same for Ichabod, show a damper looking Englishman or American colonist looking guy and I don't think of anyone, have that same guy chased by the HH and I know it's Ichabod Crane.

  • Bigby specifically states that Little Red Riding Hood didn't make it out, yet she's in the book. Also, there is absolutely no way Snow is dead if the story is faithful to the Fable universe.

    Someone is trafficking in princesses and Beauty is next. Whoever is doing this is using Bluebeard as a convenient scapegoat.

  • Interesting. Also if you look at the "In the next episode" cinematic you can see Bigby arguing with Crane/Ichabod. It seems like Crane would've done something bad.

    The thing I encourage the most is to wait and see what happens in the following episodes , and we can draw conclusions from there on. Right now we're only at episode 1 , and there's not much to consider except some theories.

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