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The Great Adventure Bundle 2010

posted by jannar85 on - last edited - Viewed by 8.7K users

It's gone from my games, and I have no way of downloading it again! Why is that?
If you removed it as you can't allow users who paid for it to download it anymore, I think we deserve a copy somewhere else. This is the first time this has happened to me ><

  • the same thing happened to me. I wrote here and sent an email to the support but no one at telltale seems to be answering.
    I'm really trying to keep my cool about the whole thing, but I guess that's what happens when you get bigger.
    I have never read the fine print on their invoices, so I have no idea if they are obligated to offer a downloadable copy
    of every purchase indefinitely, but even if they don't, they could have notified us they were taking it off so we'll download
    I'm still hoping it's some malfunction, but, again, the ignoring thing is what really bugs me.

  • Yep same thing happened to me. Pretty unprofessional really...I may not buy any more telltale games if this is the new 'normal'.

  • Maybe TTG can answer? I did however find the download-tool for it, and I tried to download one of the games. It downloads quite slowly, but it seems the downloads still work. If anyone want the download-tool, please PM me and I can try to send it to you on your e-mail. You have to have purchased it at that point, as you need to login with your account before you're allowed to download anything. Probably checks if you've bought it :)

  • I noticed the same thing yesterday. I revisited my online account and it's not even listed. I found the confirmation e-mail with serial number for the bundle, but when I try to redeem it on their site I get "Sorry, that gift code could not be found."

    I'm fine giving Telltale a few days to get back to us on this, but if they don't then I just might take you up on your offer for the installer, jannar85. Were you able to get the games to run after downloading them through the installer?

  • It's no longer available as telltale has lost the rights to distribute some of the games. If you're missing some of the telltale ones, request them to be enabled on your account. Unfortunately the others you'll have to re-purchase/download from elsewhere to play them.

  • Hey guys still available directly for download from here; check Ghorin's post. No direct link to the bundle file itself sadly.

    • I tried the links and was able to download the files, but i tried penny arcade and king's quest and neither will install.

      ... and the same for jack keane

      ... and same with the whispered world

      • oh, and i should mention that i was never able to get the bundle working originally. i know i used it to play puzzle agent, but i don't recall getting anything else to install correctly.

        Now i'm trying to get the games to work on my newer laptop. my ex has my old laptop, so that's no help.

  • Sorry for not noticing this earlier. Will send out PM to those who want it, eventually I'll post the link here.

  • gah. got the installer for the bundle. but i'm still having the issue with it hanging at the log in screen. the button does nothing.
    i'll contact telltale because i'm unemployed and have a lot of free time.

    anyway, the only game from the bundle that shows up in "mygames" on here for me is puzzle agent. were the rest of the games non-telltale?

  • I would also quite like a link when it becomes available please

  • I have the same problem... bought the bundle way back and now all off a sudden no files any more, same thing with the redone version of the original monkey island game I bought via telltale, too! When I realised I wrote a mail to the support team, all they told me is that they don't host 3rd partie games on their servers any more, the whole bla bla "sry for you inconvenience... we're looking into ways to make the download possible in the future again" speech. I'am really pissed! I always thought telltale to be a responsible company, better than the greedy rest out there... well seems I was wrong. I mean, they could have sent an email around to everyone affected, telling them to download their stuff to back it up. That wouldn't have been that complicated and everyone would have gotten the chance to save their stuff!
    Next time I even consider buying something offered by them I will think twice before doing so if I will consider it at all!

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