• I just play the good guy in games. If it was a male in need of some money and he wasn't an ass, then yeah i'd have given him the money as well. The fact that it was a woman had nothing to do with it for me.

  • Yeah, as most are saying; this didn't have anything to do with her gender. But, if we had a choice between a male or female? I think gender definitely would play a role in people's decision, I know it would for me at the very least. That's just how evolution made us, though. No harm in it, in my humble opinion. Great topic by the way, very interesting, indeed.

  • Giving Faith some cash was merely an act of generousity and not something else.

  • Here's what I can say. I saw a prostitute who was tricked into visiting a drunk client only to get beaten around for some incoherent reason she couldn't understand, and she had to get something out of it because the pimp wasn't going to take an excuse. So I gave her money. Beyond that, this speculation on whether if it was an old man, a fat man, or just a man would influence my decision, is simply just that: speculation. Maybe it just makes it a better story.

    Maybe one day, you can make your own point-and-click adventure and do a little experiment to see what players would do. Until you do, or someone does, I can't give you an answer or take this seriously.

  • I gave her the money for the same reason I chose the "nicest" options available with everyone - to get on their good side. (Same reason why I decided to "stay out of it" with both Beauty and Beast the second time around; didn't want to compromise to either of them.) Turns out I lost my money on her and couldn't buy cigarettes, but I put the drink on Crane's tab.

    What can I say? I'm a pacifist.

  • I chose to give her money because I was playing Bigby as an old-fashioned, gentlemanly sort of guy. In that sense, her gender played a part, but no more so than Bigby's opening the door for Snow.

    However, even if those aspects had been removed, she was in trouble and seemed like she was a good person. In those circumstances I would have given the money away no matter who it was on the receiving end, since I prefer to roleplay a good guy (with an edge) where possible.

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    It has nothing to do with gender.

    Compassion is gender blind. It has to do with being a good person.

    • Sure, true compassion is, and what you said is a great sentiment. However in the real world, not every perceived act of kindness happens because of genuine, pure compassion. Have you never heard of of being nice to someone to gain their favour, have you never heard of people manipulating one another?

      Men are quite often nicer to attractive women than they are to other men in the exact same situations. It may not be sexist, but it certainly has to do with their desired gender and mating rituals. But that doesn't mean that every man who is nice to a woman is automatically sexist, either, so please don't take what I'm saying that way.

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        Of course I have. It's no secret, people use kindness for other reasons. It's also up for debate, if it was a male, would you have given him the money. The factors to why I gave her the money is true compassion. She pretty much told me she was going get nailed, if she didn't come back with money, plus that guy hit her.

        Now would I have done so if it been a guy, guys typically can take care of themselves. But sure, I sided with Kenny tons of times in the walking dead. Now would I treated kenndy the same if he was female. What factors into a situaiton is

        A: Vulnerability [She was pretty much going get hit if she didn't bring back money]

        B: [Being beat up] She got hit pretty hard before I got there. Not like I ran up the stairs. So partly its my fault

        C: Likeability. [She didn't come off as rude or an attitude that would turned me away.]

        Those not all the factors, but ones I summed up in my encounter. Being a woman was not on the list.

        • Your first post was a blanket statement that implied (whether it was your intention or not) that there is no way that sexism played a part in anybody choosing to give her the money. But it seems now that you were talking just about yourself.

          That's all well and good, I'm happy you don't consider your decision to have been sexist, but the point of this thread is not to ask whether or not you believe your decision was sexist. It is to question how much her gender and her attractive features may have played a part in the 90% of people choosing to give her the money.

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            Then that answer is easy. None. In none of the things I described, did I list her attractive features. So I'm sincerely confused, how you could not gather from that my answer.

            • Again, you're talking about your own motivations, and this thread is not about the motivations of a single person, it is about discussing whether you believe a proportion of ALL people may have done it for reasons other than just general kindness.

              You're making it all about you. I'm not accusing you of being sexist or of making the choice for sexist reasons, and I'm not asking you to tell me what your own personal motivations were, but rather to think about the bigger picture.

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                Reading from the other reply's, people speaking from their own experiences. They must be as confused as I am. Because some of the answers in this limited thread space reflect them personally. This thread is pretty must discussing everyone in general.

                That's a silly question. Because you would have to know their motivations, and factors in order to make an informed opinion. It's not like we can magically see into the minds of hundreds of millions of people across the globe. Perhaps you should try to limit your discussion.

                However it seems, this thread is too complex for my mind. So I bid you.

                Good day.

  • Personally, I believe most people just wanted to help Faith out. If she'd been a Tweedle? I still think people would've helped her with some cash, especially you as the player didn't have to grind away to earn that cash - you just found out you had any when you offered her some.

    The strongest proponents that play into the decision of giving away your not-so-hard earned cash? I believe they'd be:

    1) You just saved her ass from being beaten up - I believe this makes you feel invested for her well-being, and I still think you'd have been there trying to stop the beat down if she'd been a dude.

    2) She has this sort of down-on-her-luck thing going for her - not only was she being beat down, but she's obviously a hooker, and she's just been short-changed. Of course, most people are going to want to help her out if they can - no one likes to see an underdog being kicked around.

    3) You kind of get the sense that your character takes care of the Fables in Town just from that little bit of intro with Toad - even if it means you threatened to send him to the Farm for his own good. I don't think a character that cares enough to attend to a little disturbance call in the middle of the night wouldn't offer some cash to a Fable in some obvious trouble.

    So, no, I don't believe that Faith's gender necessarily dictated most of people's reaction to the question of gifting her some cash - I think the prejudice is in the set up of the situation that Faith is in.

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