• I'm a straight female and I gave her the money because she seemed like a good person and I felt sorry for her. It has nothing to do with "Sexism", it's just about being compassionate. If Toad or Colin had needed money I would have probably given them some too.

  • I chose to give it to her every single time I played through the episode. Gender did not play a factor.
    Factor 1: She was beaten up by Woody.
    Factor 2: She needed to pay someone $100.
    Factor 3: She saved you.
    I never regretted that decision, I charged the asshole Crane for everything that went on at the bar when I noticed that option.
    Paying only for the drink is like saying I can ruin a bar and get away with it.

  • I gave her the money because I felt sorry for her, and because I thought Bigby would also have felt sorry for her and wanted to help her. If it had been a male in an equal situation, I'd have felt sorry for him too.

  • I as a lady am so sick of these sexist debates. Everything ist sexist today. In Germany, where I come from, the government even changed the orthography because of alleged sexism. While in english language most nouns are gender-neutral in Germany the nouns are male and the female nouns get a female ending, like "Lehrer und Lehrerin" (teacher and female teacher). Backwards when someone was talking about "Lehrer" (teachers) everyone knew that both female and male teachers are meant. Then the feminists demanded that you have to allude the female noun no matter what, because it is sexist if you don't. From the time when this happened you always gotta say and write both, the male and female noun ("Dear teachers and female teachers, dear students and female students.." how stupid is that?!
    It is not sexist if you tell a woman she is beautiful or if you help her. It is not sexist asking a man to open a bottle, either. Even if: political correctness isn't what video games are for. That's why I totally love the swearing in TWAU and TWD

  • For me, I gave it as a sign of thanks. If she hadn't drove that axe into the back of The Woodsman's head, Bigby would have turned into the Big Bad Wolf, and hell would've broke loose, something clearly implied throughout the episode that will have bad consequences.

  • It was a sexist situation because it portrayed a down trodden woman trying to make her life work as best she could in a crap city with a broken system. If had been a guy he may not have played off the situation the same, and garnered as much endearment. I don't know bout' everyone else, but chances are ya grew up getting taught that hitting women is bad. That colors bias and perceptions. The decisions made by players could be driven by any number of other reasons regardless. I suspect some people thought a hooker getting beat up was cliche and silly. I can envision some younger dudes on a couch jeering at their friends, and girls making equally as disparaging comments. Others may have been shocked. Or, if someone came from a more staunchly religious background, maybe they didn't empathize... But, for the most part it seems like most people identified with her shitty life and poor situation. The first comment on compassion, that was echoed by so many people, sounds like an honest response. It's a fairly fucked up situation, why make it worse in this fictional universe?

    Sexist is thrown around a lot, but was still a valid observation. The unconscious knee jerk reaction that has potentially sexist roots are the ones that deserve thought. But for real, most people just wanted to see her not be hurt.

    • What ?

      I didn't understand sh-t of your post.

      • I don't know how to help you there then. Bias and perception colors personal choices, the situation was fucked up and innately sexist, but that doesn't make the players sexist?

        • Well, thank you for the short version.

          But I still fail to see how the situation was sexist. If I refer to your larger post, "it was a sexist situation because it portrayed a down trodden woman trying to make her life work as best she could in a crap city with a broken system."

          You're aware many men too are downtrodden and trying hard in crap cities with broken systems ? Let's say, beggars, for example.
          A situation is sexist only if it applies to one sex. Poverty and necessity to do unpleasant/degrading things to survive are unfortunately the lot of many people, male and female.

  • I didn't give her the money. I wont call "sexism", I don't believe that the majority of players would have given Faith money had she looked like one of the Tweedles. That's just a fact. In reality I think there are just too many lonely dudes playing this game.

  • On first playthrough (only played up until Faith's death first time round), I tried to be tough and not let other people's problems bother me, then I realised Bigby was trying to stop fellow Fables getting killed, so thought the right thing would be to help her out. How was I to know she'd die anyway and she'd end up with all of Bigby's cash?

    I initially thought I'd not get involved in the Beasts' problem, but after seeing how worried Mr Beast was, thought it was best to help them (not to mention Bigby told Colin he'd saved Beauty from making her situation worse).

    As for Colin, sure, he's a scrounger and did a good job at depressing me/Bigby but I'm sure Bigby felt some guilt, after blowing his house down.

    For the rest of the episode, I went for the most humane options, the ones that protected people and the ones that improved people's opinion of Bigby.

    Back on topic: it's not in my nature to discriminate on grounds of gender. My gender-neutral approach has gotten me into trouble in the past too, believe it or not.

  • she just got the shit beat out of her, and then was she was going to go back to her pimp to possibly get the shit beat out of her again for something that wasn't her fault. it was compassion more than sexism, at least in my case.

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