• she just got the shit beat out of her, and then was she was going to go back to her pimp to possibly get the shit beat out of her again for something that wasn't her fault. it was compassion more than sexism, at least in my case.

  • No this isn't sexism Bigby isn't being prejudice towards Faith by giving her money.
    First of all Faith is a stock character, "A hooker with a Heart of Gold," as her character is critical to the game, with her secrets and murder moving the game forward. However, as Wolf Among Us moves on Faith's murder will reveal something more consequential and possibly this reveal will overshadow Faith. Another proof from Faith's characters motif, "...She is sometimes established in contrast to another female character who is morally perfect but frigid or otherwise unyielding. Hookers with hearts of gold are sometimes reluctant prostitutes due to either desperation or coercion from a pimp..." (Snow White being the contrasted perfect woman).

    If anything Faith's character is a stereotype, that doesn't mean the players by making Bigby give her the money are doing it because she is a hooker. It is because her character has integrity and shows kindness towards Bigby. If it was a male, Toad or Twins it shouldn't matter.

  • It's [the situation] inherently sexist because she is a prostitute being set up in the stereotype you are describing. She is a woman being used for her body and being paid for it knowing that she might be discriminated due to this. I am calling it neither good nor bad. But the way she is being treated, in game, is a result of sexist themes. Yeah gender stereotypes blah de blah. I mean doesn't help Woodsy was drunk and sayin' dumb shit.

    • … I didn't think the situation was sexist. Abusive would be a better word choice- obviously Woody beating on Faith.
      You could stretch Woody chanting "bitch," at Faith is misogynistic, but I wouldn't call it sexist themes per say, just because she was a female prostitute. What if Faith was a man? Or what if it was Lawrence who got picked up by the woodsman and Woody just chose to use the same vulgarity again calling Lawrence "bitch."
      I'm just really sick of how women can't be portrayed as freely as men sometimes in entertainment without arguments about "sexism" with people getting so pissed at gender stereotypes, it just disrupts everyones enjoyment of looking at the actual story.
      I'm not offend or up in arms over this scenario, its meant to roll like a film noir cliché, Bigby the detective, meets a girl with a *dangerous secret *that introduces him to a chain of events, which forms a mysterious crime that he must solve. I don't think this cliché is bad or reflects bad on women.
      Wolf Among Us next episode will give an uncomfortable scope on prostitution, most likely working girl dominated, but I think telltale would be gutsy enough to have subtext of male prostitutes.

      This discussion: **And yet, what is it, 90% still who chose to give Faith money? Would the percentage be anywhere near as high if he had been a fat old man rather than a smoking hot young woman?
      If anything Faith's character is a stock stereotype, "whore with a heart of gold." That doesn't mean the players by making Bigby give her the money are doing it because she is a hooker. It is because her character has integrity and shows kindness towards Bigby. If it was a male, Toad or Twins it shouldn't matter.

  • she was so hot she made me sexist

  • I find it interesting to see, at least, the association made by some people on this thread with the word sexism: personal sexuality, political correctness, being nice/mean, etc. I don't think this was an accusation from Mr. Masamune and that he's out to fight political correctness, he's just curious about how gender-blind we are and how gender can influence our choices, it's just a "neutral" sociological question there, as some people have understood! :)
    There is the problem however of a double vision: we have to think about how Bigby is thinking, we play through him and we try to see his conceptions of the world. Bigby from the comics could be considered as sexist, in a sense where he tends to be really protective towards women whereas he can be violent with human male Fables. So there's that.
    Personally I gave her money because I thought she could be hurt by her pimp. I don't know if male prostitutes have pimps too but I don't think there would be the same type of relationship between female prostitute/pimp; male prostitute/pimp. I think gender was important for me in that optic.

  • nope gave it to her just cuz i felt bad for her BUT I was mean cuz I didn't give her the match book and just lit her cig with a lighter....Honestly smokers know that sucks to have smokes but no light of any kind XD

  • TTG should do a test about that, by making a similar decision later in TWAU but with "a fat old man".. but Faith was hurt, and needed the money.. I was just trying to be kind ;_;

  • Let's get some science in here! This social psychology study looked at differences in charitable contributions when the person soliciting the money is a female compared to when the solicitor is a male. The paper found that both men and women were more likely to give money to female solicitors but this difference only occurs when the request for charity was impersonal, rather than personal.

    Although the situation isn't exactly the same as with Faith (since Faith didn't actually request any charity), I'd say that given the greater amount of interaction between her and the player, her scenario is more similar to the personal condition than the impersonal condition. So, based on this, I would lean towards Faith's sex not being a factor in players giving money to her in this case.

    EDIT: inb4

  • i gave her money, i admit i did it not only because i thought Bigby would be able to having a growing relationship with her, but also because i am a sap when it comes to looking out for females and children

  • I'm going to come right out and say that I gave her money because she was a prostitute. Note, this actually had nothing to do with gender. She's a hooker trying to get money from a John ($100 was a lot of money in that era and especially for a streetwalker), and if she didn't get the money back there'd be hell to pay with her pimp. She'd likely have wages "garnished" until she made up the difference, which could mean the difference between eating and starving.

    So, I suppose, since most prostitutes are female in that era, you could say it had to do with her gender, but it had more to do with her profession. She didn't need that kind of sorrow.

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