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A dare to all the detectives

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Since we cannot find the right theory on the killer, we should play the game again and analyze every single part of the game, including the conversations .It's a short episode, so it should not take long. If you find something , add it up in this thread. I shall do the same when I finish the episode again.

  • Dee was looking for a book. Or something in a book.

    If you go to Lawrence's place first, wait until near the last second to jump out of the closet, and then ask him what he was doing back there, Bigby's question to him becomes "Why were you looking through books, huh?" Dee responds "The same thing you should be doing. Investigating Looking for clues."

    Why would he go right to the books to look for clues about a dead girl? Is there something in the books that he's looking for?

  • We know that the woodsman did not kill Snow White he did not have enough time to do it from leaving the bar to getting to the woodsland building
    And if any one else noticed the cuts were very clean almost magical the woodsmans axe is not but the headless horsemens axe is and he was seen in the picture with all of the fables in the original fable faith was asked to marry her king/stepfather but faith did not want to marry her father so her fairy godmother told her how to trick him so she would not have to the king,during the fable the king threatens to cut heads of if faith was not happy i have a feeling it has to something with the king/stepfather or the fairy godmother I know the father was shown dead but the mirror was tricked before

    • Woody's ax is magical, it was blessed by druids (sorcerers and witches). The headless horseman has a sword that ain't magical. The first sword in that book is magical, and Snow White could have stolen it from her attacker (comic reference). The knife at Lawrence's also looks magical (werewolves perhaps). The weapon is so far unknown.

      • Since when is the woodsmans axe blessed i have never heard that at all and I met to say the headless horsemans sword not axe
        By the cut I would have to say it was more of a sword because the cut is not smushed a axe would of smashed more than cut unless it was magical

        • If you click on the axe in the book of symbols during the research scene, Bufkin tells you that it has a druid blessing on it.

          • Real question is a blessing to do what? Protect the forest or chop down trees? If The former would make sense assuming druids want to protect trees. The latter would make sense b/c he's a woodsman. And if its the latter, it'd be effective against things like, say, glamored wooden puppets.

            Do we know the role or motivations of druids in the Fables universe?

            • Exactly. I have that question as well. I believe that the writers had a reason for letting us know that his axe was blessed, because as far as I'm aware that detail does not exist in early versions of Red Riding Hood (like Grimm's), so seems to be something that was written in for the sake of the story, and not something that came from folk lore.

              Druids aren't specifically mentioned in the comic books (not that I remember). Though, that doesn't mean that we won't see more mention of druids in the game. But, in general magic users in the Fables universe serve many roles. In Fabletown they create warding spells to keep the mundies from finding out the truth about the Fables, they also cast the glamours that make non-human Fables pass for humans. In the Homelands, powerful magic users are very important in the Adversary's Empire.

            • No not at all they do not really appear in the comics aside from maybe being in the adversary's army or maybe being on the 13th floor

          • @Violet-Zephyr Thank you I forgot all about that.

    • Wtf man. Please use ".". Seriously wtf. Are you 8 years old?

  • In the original fable the headless horseman would rise up in a fog and would hunt down anyone who was in the way of him receiving his head, also icabod was one of three men trying to court a lady we know he is a womanizer in the future and now with the way he treats snow and how he had to get his "massage" Another thing I did not metion before that deals with faiths stepfather/king was that he had a special donkey with big ears that made gold. So lets think the killer could be speaking money since lots of fables lost there fortunes , revenge of scorned lover or non lover, or plan power, but I can't get over how the heads were placed with such care even the way they looked there hair was perfect its clearly a message to say I win , I warned you , you should have given me what I wanted , or if I can't have u or it no one will.

  • i thnk neither dee or dum dd it as well as woody bt sumhw i suspect the mayor... bt hey this is telltale game n we all knw it always becomes the person we least expect lol... Bigsby

  • You find a ripped piece of denim at the crime scene.

    One of the men queuing to see Ichabod Crane has ripped jeans.

  • Did anyone else find the tarot cards on the desk?
    Snow Bigby are the depiction of strength
    Faith and Lawrence are a tragedy…
    and the one card that Bigby takes with him is the knight with the swards stabbed in his back.
    I think it foreshadows Crane hiding something or even Bigby getting stabbed in the back by whatever is going on between Beauty and Beast.
    Any other thoughts?

  • Just so everyone knows the boy who cried wolf has nothing to do with bigby and the character with ghe red hair is named crispin he works for Cinderella's show shop you can see him in fables encyclopedia page 26

    • Was one of his jobs a cab driver? It's confirmed that the red haired guy is a cab driver in the credits. The Boy who cried wolf has a lot to do with Bigby, Bigby ate his sheep after he lied to everyone that in the end no one believed him.

      • Bigby is not the wolf from the boy who cried wolf

        • Actually he is. Bigby is every wolf, there is reference to him eating up sheep in the game and more importantly the comics.

          • Can u please tell me when it's stated that bigby is stated to be the wolf from the boy who cried ,i have been a fan of the big bad wolf my whole life and its a known fact that the big bad wolf is only in two fables red riding hood and the three little pigs and I have read the fables comics a couple of times but I do not remeber it ever being stated that he was that wolf in fact in a issue there are two wolves that run into wolf valley after the rabbit and one is from the fable the wolf and the rabbit and if my memory serves right the boy who cried wolf and the wolf from that fable is a average sized wolf one thing bigby has not been since he lost his mother winter and vowed to eat something bigger everyday. Thanks

            • From beginning I believe its to simplify that he is all the wolf stories. Until I heard there are other wolfs out there. O.O
              or he's the only wolf who can't be covert about it,

            • He was not an average sized wolf when his mom died, take a look at his brothers for average size. The boy that cried Wolf was mentioned and Bigby facepalms himself like how could he forget that is one. The wolf and the rabbit is a Russian cartoon series, the Wolf and the Hare is a fable. Compare Bigby from when he blew down the houses of 2 of the 3 little pigs to Bigby when he attacks Little Red. Also I'll post when I refresh my memory.

              • The wolf and the hare is what I met to say I figured u would get it and I know I said since his mother passed away bigby even said that the first human he went after was red riding hood and we know how that ended up the first time and he was even known as the big bad wolf then. I thought that he was every wolf story to when I first started to read it but which I thought was cool even tho it was wrong in the real world and fable world he is only in the two fables

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