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A dare to all the detectives

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Since we cannot find the right theory on the killer, we should play the game again and analyze every single part of the game, including the conversations .It's a short episode, so it should not take long. If you find something , add it up in this thread. I shall do the same when I finish the episode again.

  • You find a ripped piece of denim at the crime scene.

    One of the men queuing to see Ichabod Crane has ripped jeans.

  • Did anyone else find the tarot cards on the desk?
    Snow Bigby are the depiction of strength
    Faith and Lawrence are a tragedy…
    and the one card that Bigby takes with him is the knight with the swards stabbed in his back.
    I think it foreshadows Crane hiding something or even Bigby getting stabbed in the back by whatever is going on between Beauty and Beast.
    Any other thoughts?

  • Just so everyone knows the boy who cried wolf has nothing to do with bigby and the character with ghe red hair is named crispin he works for Cinderella's show shop you can see him in fables encyclopedia page 26

    • Was one of his jobs a cab driver? It's confirmed that the red haired guy is a cab driver in the credits. The Boy who cried wolf has a lot to do with Bigby, Bigby ate his sheep after he lied to everyone that in the end no one believed him.

      • Bigby is not the wolf from the boy who cried wolf

        • Actually he is. Bigby is every wolf, there is reference to him eating up sheep in the game and more importantly the comics.

          • Can u please tell me when it's stated that bigby is stated to be the wolf from the boy who cried ,i have been a fan of the big bad wolf my whole life and its a known fact that the big bad wolf is only in two fables red riding hood and the three little pigs and I have read the fables comics a couple of times but I do not remeber it ever being stated that he was that wolf in fact in a issue there are two wolves that run into wolf valley after the rabbit and one is from the fable the wolf and the rabbit and if my memory serves right the boy who cried wolf and the wolf from that fable is a average sized wolf one thing bigby has not been since he lost his mother winter and vowed to eat something bigger everyday. Thanks

            • From beginning I believe its to simplify that he is all the wolf stories. Until I heard there are other wolfs out there. O.O
              or he's the only wolf who can't be covert about it,

            • He was not an average sized wolf when his mom died, take a look at his brothers for average size. The boy that cried Wolf was mentioned and Bigby facepalms himself like how could he forget that is one. The wolf and the rabbit is a Russian cartoon series, the Wolf and the Hare is a fable. Compare Bigby from when he blew down the houses of 2 of the 3 little pigs to Bigby when he attacks Little Red. Also I'll post when I refresh my memory.

              • The wolf and the hare is what I met to say I figured u would get it and I know I said since his mother passed away bigby even said that the first human he went after was red riding hood and we know how that ended up the first time and he was even known as the big bad wolf then. I thought that he was every wolf story to when I first started to read it but which I thought was cool even tho it was wrong in the real world and fable world he is only in the two fables

  • I feel so stupid reading these discussions omg.

  • I have a feeling that the ripped jeans may be nothing but a set up what if some one saw something and ran and people keep saying someone had ripped pants at the office what if he was mugged and that's why they were at the office and with the red haired man (crispin) saw something and was there to tell snow or crane but was never seen by them and now he is trying to figure things out himself.

  • Is it possible for the ginger to be wearing glamour? Also, can glamour be used as a disguise for human-like fables (e.g. Snow or Bigsby) to appear as someone else? Haven't read the comics, I bought this game on a whim after my friend recommended it for me.

  • Yes it is possible but they have to go to the 13th floor with the witches and it costs a arm a leg and even a head somethimes
    And bigby is kept up to date with all glamoured fables

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