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Issues with nudity (episode 2)

posted by Neoncloudff on - last edited by Vainamoinen - Viewed by 54.1K users

Hi Telltale. I loved the first episode of TWAU. It's truly inspiring, exciting, and very original.

I loved everything about it until the second episode trailer, when some female nudity was seen outside an area. I think that nudity is an easy way to earn a mature rating, and I feel like it's unnecessary. The game is dark and smart without being obscene and blatantly immature. That is what I loved about your many series. But having nudity for the sake of nudity seems immature and pointless (much like GTAV or others) to character development or story. Please, will you consider keeping everything clothed? Maybe that content was before a final build (since it's rate mature for only partial nudity)?

I just love this dark fantasy world and I want it, in my mind, to stay as smart and truly entertaining as possible. Thanks for your input everyone, and telltale!

  • How the F*** can you have problems with nudity? Don't make this 7+ please! There are freaking heads rolling around and you talk about nudity. Please, grow up or go play something else.

  • So we are calling the wolf before seeing any nudity, without even knowing context?
    Just no, no and no.

    In ep1 one character was hit in the head with the axe (and kick for good measure) and possibly riping the arm off, not to mention physical torture. This is already extreme. Nudity in comparison is soft stuff. Since standards are already set high.

    In my culture nudity is more tolerable than violence. Since most people will get naked at some point, while (lucky) violence is experience of few.
    And this Hollywood aproach with "yes you can kill bad guys, and use some casual violence, but sex.... only with pants on" is more laughtable...untill you realise how hypocritical it is.

    This is my petpevee. That for example in mass effect the sex scene is with pants on, but in the same time in last part female characters got some plastic surgery and suggestive outfit. That what inmature means.

    And the WAU is quite honest in what we can expect. Violence, Drugs, Nudity... are all part of the world which is far from happy ever after. We already know that Faith was a working girl and Woody dealt with her. We have mysterious Pimp (and i have some violence for him already :-) ) who probably dosnt work in flower shop. So yes, there are naked people in this world!

    • "In my culture nudity is more tolerable than violence. Since most people will get naked at some point, while (lucky) violence is experience of few. And this Hollywood aproach with "yes you can kill bad guys, and use some casual violence, but sex.... only with pants on" is more laughtable...untill you realise how hypocritical it is."

      I don't know what your culture is, but I wish my culture would follow that approach.

    • Thumbed not just because I agree with this sentiment and wish our culture in the US was more in line with evilcat's, but because he mis-spelled pet peeve, and petpevee is about the most awesome word I've ever seen. I can not wait to use it in conversation (mostly it reminds me of Louie CK's rant on 'they're my lil believies')

  • Neon, a mature person should be able to handle a little nudity without whining about it. Nudity isn't abnormal, draping your body in cloth and animal skin is far stranger than just going about in your natural state if you really think about it. We are the only species that does this, and American's are one of the few culture's that get so worked up about nakedness. Your values seems a little Puritanesque, and while it is your right to have those values, I for one would rather that you expressed your values by not purchasing things that offend you, instead of pleading with the game developers to force your values upon everyone else.

  • I want it, in my mind, to stay as smart and truly entertaining as possible

    I can think of so many "smart and truly entertaining" movies, TV shows, comic books, novels that have not only nudity scenes, but sex scenes...
    Neoncloudff, I wonder what you consider smart and truly entertaining if you eliminate everything that has nudity in it, your list must be quite short and mostly comprising of kids' entertainments - which can be smart and entertaining indeed, but if you're starting to play games for grown-ups like TWAU, you might continue to broaden your horizons and consider other stuff than Disneys when it comes to other cultural products like movies and books.

    About your use of the word "obscene" : beautiful human-sized bare breasts are not obscene. The Venus de Milo and so many Antique and Renaissance statues of females with bare breasts are in no way obscene, but are rather the paramount of art dedicated to beauty, harmony and deep respect for the human body.

    • " The Venus de Milo and so many Antique and Renaissance statues of females with bare breasts are in no way obscene"

      Of course they were, it takes just takes an enlightened person like Neoncloudff to point out how backwards and savage those monsters were, showing disgusting things like bare breasts, how dare they, please somebody think of the children. Oh my, I'm afraid I'm getting a case of the vapors, somebody get me to my fainting couch.

  • This is a Mature game. My opinion is that your response is rather immature. Nudity isn't anything anyone should be surprised by, or offended by. It's simple anatomy, and even though I'm sure in that particular instance it will be intended as sexual, it doesn't always have to be. So what? She's naked. She's probably a whore. Who cares? It's part of the atmosphere of the game, and it also follows the style of the also Mature comics the game is based on.

    I don't agree that adding nudity to ANY game takes away from anything. Just like I don't think adding nudity to movies or television doesn't take away from anything. If anything, it adds a feeling of genuine emotion. The whole body often says far more than just the hands or face.

    But that's just my opinion.

    But my plead to the brilliant minds behind TellTale and TWAU, don't let such Puritan views change what is already a fantastic game. Nothing you've done thus far should be reprimanded or reworked. You're unique in what you do and I can't wait for the next episode.

  • So can we stop with the downvote spam and sweeping judgments about someone's character based on this fairly innocuous critique and suggestion about the game? Don't agree with Neoncloudff? Fine. Say so. I happen not to agree with him/her myself, as my post on the first page will show. But Neoncloudff presented his/her view in a reasonable way and doesn't deserve to be called immature, mocked, or be told to go play a different game because of it.

    There's nothing wrong with liking a game but wanting a particular aspect of it to be different. And there's nothing wrong with asking the developers to change that particular aspect of the game to better match your preferences. People come on here and do that all the time. Telltale knows better than to take fan input into account if it will compromise the game so if you're worried that this one post might ruin this game for you, don't.

    It just seems a little mean to pile on someone just for having a minority opinion on such a small thing. All it does is discourage people with differing points of view from speaking up on this forum and that makes discussion on here a lot less interesting.

    • People reply back, because they care about the game. Me, personally don't care about the dude to insult him or anything like that. I just don't want people like that to take away a great aspect of the game.

      It doesn't discourage, just the majority of people don't agree with him. It is a big topic to open like that and Telltale may get influenced by a opinion such as his. So, thanks to all the people that said otherwise.

      I am sorry, but I really can't agree with you.. at all. It's not "a small thing" at all. Pretty big, actually. Nudity in games is something spoken very often. Most people don't have the "balls" to do it, and to be honest, in a mature game there is nothing wrong to have it. It's more awkward to see dismembered body parts for me. Nudity is part of the natural life after all... If we talk about kids, would you rather show them a dismembered head or part of the body of a female? I mean, come on... It is a mature game for a reason.

      • Like I said, I don't agree with him myself. Like you, I don't see why depictions of nudity should be treated as any more harmful than depictions of graphic violence. But I also don't see how having one or two topless female characters constitutes a "great aspect" of the game. It's there and I don't see any reason to remove it, but it's neither a deal-maker nor a deal-breaker for me.

        In fact, I think treating nudity as such an important thing, either by condemning it or by harping on it, is precisely the problem. Adding nudity to a game does nothing to add to its maturity, and I don't want Telltale to add nudity to their games just to send the message that they have the "balls" to do it. I think that's what Neoncloudff was arguing in the first place. But unlike him/her, I don't think that's why Telltale included nudity in the game. I think it's there simply because the setting calls for it to be there and there was no reason not to have it. That's it. No careful plotting about how to push the boundaries. No ulterior motive to have themselves be seen as "edgy." Just "hey, if it fits, throw it in." To me, that's the most mature way to deal with it.

        And I do think that telling someone "Please, grow up or go play something else." is at the very least discouraging. Telling someone that their opinion is wrong is fine. Telling someone that their opinion is wrong and that this must mean that they as a person are immature and should not be playing this game is a pretty crappy thing to do.

    • Nope. The concept of, "Keep boobies out of my game so I can get back to the decapitations!" is so hatefully obscene that Neoncloudff deserves everything coming to them. You give out obscenity, you get it back.

      • You're right. That is a pretty obscene thing to say. Good thing no one on here is saying that. You might want to go read the original post again. The argument was more like "Showing boobies just for the sake of showing boobies makes the game seem really immature. I wish they didn't do that." To which a reasonable reply might be "I don't think the developers were showing boobies just for the sake of showing boobies. I think they had a vision for the world they wanted to depict and boobies just happened to be a part of that world."

  • Nudity is definitely not a way to earn a mature rating. More like axe in the head, decapitated heads, and definitely tearing off the arm. Topless in strip club or brothel makes sense.

  • It seems you are making this nudity thing into a bigger deal than it really is. I'm allowed to since I'm not allowed to buy games with Nudity in it, but you already have the game: One little scene with some breasts shouldn't be a big deal. There might be more throught the series, or maybe even more in the episode, so if your worried about nudity, theres MUCH more were that came from.

  • This is just like the guys who bitch at swearing over in the forum for TWD game. I can't be the only player who wishes that Bigby had a chance at shagging Snow White. I for one would have been kicking that leach of a pig out of the room hung my tie on the door and let the big bad wolf out.

    The game is rated M for Mature.. If you want some teen games I suggest you try Pokemon.

    • Have you read up on Snow White's past? Since TT want to keep faithful to the Fables Universe/canon, I can't see how they'd justify her letting her guard down, even to Bigby, someone whom she is becoming, gradually, to trust. Their romance in the comics is a long way off at this point.

      Having said that, if I had to direct an act of passion in one of the episodes, using the choice interface and/or quick time interface, I would not be complaining. It's just not a very Telltale-y thing to do.

  • Naked bodies aren't immature. I'll save saying that for when Bigby goes "hey,pull my finger, pull my finger..." then runs off snickering or something. snow's got cooties

    and...err ..."Man babies" ?? Really, are you trying to insult everyone at the same time? Is that your goal? There are many females who play GTA etc. and playing these games does not make one a child.

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