Issues with nudity (episode 2)



  • Nudity isn't silly at all.

    By the looks of it in that game. Bigby was at a strip club or brothel which nudity would be appropriate there.

    This game is a mature game so if it fits put it in.

    If anything having clothed girls would be a little silly. Don't get me wrong I'm not looking for topless women at every opportunity but this game does have a noir vibe to it where the world is gritty.

    Snow white wasn't afraid to refer to characters from childhood stories resorting to prostitution.

    Games shouldn't be afraid to hold back let TTG do their thing.

  • Okay, that was funny. Thumbs up sir!

  • And you Sir, (Dan77) are even more lost "that" the aforementioned sister.. Insofar as spelling goes anyway...
    You are aware Sir... This forum is equipped with an automatic spell checker?

    So... Just which post are you taking issue with anyway?

    "Sir, you are more lost that Holy's sister."

  • This guy has a point, so if You are the dear reader a young lad or gal with preatty body remember that showing and sharing it with fellows is a way to prize the Lord!

  • Fables as a world is very interesting. If you read the books you will see countless scenarios of some of your favorite characters from your childhood thrust into the darker part of our world. I highly doubt telltale with their reputation for good story in games will put nudity into the game for the sake of having nudity. It is a tool for setting an environment or for expressing a feeling visually or as a vehicle to move forward with a story as much as it can be used for gratuitous objectification of a gender. I myself will hazard that they will use it as a tool much like violence, drinking, and any other adult themes you will see in upcoming episodes and nothing more.

  • Expoloiting women? So if it was a man's junk on screen would you say the same thing? Sorry I just hear this "exploiting women sexually thing" over and over again, u go to a strip club a female one at that and ur bound to see more tits than dicks :/ I also do not get why anyone is up in arms about sexuality when you see someone's head get removed -___- I'm fine with both.

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    @ Daft-Gamer: That has to do with u being in the room with ur girls or vis versa, its also about the upbringing, not saying uv done bad or anything just honestly if they already were educated on sex they shouldn't be offended if thats what pops on screen given their age and how much they can take in info wise at once, and i never understood personally why nudity was a big deal even for parents to guard kids from, i mean they are naked when they take off their clothing after all :/ They know what everything looks like specially if they have sisters their age as children....

  • no one gives a crap about nudity

  • we seemingly are heading to a red-light district. so a bit of Nudity is.. a little 'story-driven' then.

  • If nudity isn't ur thing than don't play the game if it bugs you THIS much :/ Though im sure if you can just ignore it, it would be best to....

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    oh, well that escalated quickly...i didnt intend to be that needlessly cruel ... isnt it strange, that the U.S. has the biggest pr0n industry on the whole planet? My apology, if this was too harsh, our folks likes sarcasm and bitter irony... btw. i was living in Dallas, TX for about 7 years and enjoyed it very much!!! For us from the EU, the conservativeness is a little bit hard to get along with. Sorry bro :)

  • It wasn't you in general just everyone on this board who is anti insert place here again i can say i hate the place i live, so you can say anything about it but no reason to hate and say MEAN things bout it all the same directly for people to see out in the open. I thought that porn thing would have been in Japan honestly but guess not lol I do find that weird tho considering how we take nudity over here :/ its so stupid lol

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    You do realize that not every state in the US is as conservative as Texas...right? Hell certain parts of Texas (such as Austin) aren't conservative at all. You sound pretty clueless for a guy who was supposedly there for 7 years.

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    I beg you pardon? Obviously you didnt get that joke, too... bless your heart ;)

  • Jesus Master you really are annoying with your sarcasm -___-

  • Than don't bring it here, we all don't need that sorta crap honestly.

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    One that wasn't funny at all, and frankly slinging a little crap at my country and saying "it's just a joke lawlz" is a such a cop out. So cut the condescending BS. That's like me saying...

    "Europeans love acting so superior, but whenever there is a World War they need their asses saved. What a weak and pathetic Union that doesn't even deserve to exist. LAWLZ jk guys!"

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    No one cares how your day was. It's good to hear that it was so awful though. Hopefully your week gets worse. :)

  • bwahahaha!!! What a guy!!!

    Ok, I need my rescue-remedy... thats much too off-topic.

    Could someone please close this thread?

    Btw. Your posts just showed, that you seem to be one of those under-educated individuals. Even if one apologized, you want to see him hanging.

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    "Europeans love acting so superior, but whenever there is a World War they need their asses saved. What a weak and pathetic Union that doesn't even deserve to exist. LAWLZ jk guys!"

    Doesn't sound as if you made that up...

  • Honestly, I see absolutely no problem with nudity. Don't really get the taboo. If it's something about immoral gratification then violence, drugs, alcohol and self-indulgence in other ways such as these would be a no-cross zones for any media. When characters have sex, or are seen naked, we seem to identify with them. I see no problem with a stripper being naked, seeing as she's a stripper. Also, the criticisim of GTA V's nudity is a bit unfounded, seeing as the only real nudity comes from the strippers in stripbars (in which case, it's entirely avoidable if you so choose.) and from a brief scene in the beginning of the game with Trevor.

  • Close the thread just because its going off topic and isnt where you wanted it to go huh?

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    No, honestly, I like talking about nipples in general.
    In addition to that specific fact you are missing out, I do realize that flaming people on the internet is childish and loathsome. It's better to stop here. No one is missing anything.

  • It's trolls like you that give Monkey Island (and Telltale Games, if your comments here ever appeared on someone's Google search) a bad name. You're deliberately attempting to rattle people, which is neither clever nor amusing (except for you). I'm surprised a moderator hasn't had words with you and removed your trolling posts.

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    Hmm... thinking about flagging my own post now. Another Memo: should start writing a book: "How to piss off people from over the pond in a friendly way".


    Are we still talking nipples?

  • As long as it doesn't ruin the story I'm ok

  • The only issue I have with nudity is when there is a lack of it. ;-)

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    Just to clarify, I don't mean it is true what @Prince_Charming said - I think this is what he really thinks about us Europeans. I don't get why you say he is trolling: He said the USA are very conservative - which is true and you can't deny it. On the other hand the States have the biggest Porn industry - also true. Both statements fit the topic. We are discussing nipples. And don't tell me about Europeans thinking they're superior. I'll never forget how the Americans wanted to explain me what a computer or Internet or a dryer is, while having a BMW in their front yard...

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    Is is that hard to understand that tasteless nudity is so much worse than tasteful arm-amputations and wildly appropriate axe-assisted head splitting? Gather 'round kids, it's a nudity-free game!

  • Those posts are fine, it's more what he's said since. Mind, Charming and LLS haven't helped because they've shown him that he's pissed someone off.

    Ther Americans feel they invented the computer and Internet. To be fair to them, most growth in computing has been on their side of the pond. The underpinnings of the Internet was invented by the US military but they had no idea what it would eventually become. Fords are okay but most US car manufacturers make cars that don't like corners, which make them highly unsuitable anywhere else. The reverse, however, is not true, so that would explain why they buy BMWs and Audis as well as Chevies and Cadillacs.

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    Hello Friends,

    I'm really not here to annoy anyone, or piss people off, or throw anybody under the bus. Also worth to mention, Konrad Ernst Otto Zuse invented the first Computer. Without Werner von Braun, the U.S. wouldn't have been able to put a foot on the moon. Those are just two examples how wonderfully things could develop when both Teams would pull into ONE direction.

    Im just saying, being childish, infantil, stupid and narrow-minded we won't get anywhere, and we obviously wouldn't even be able to enjoy what we have today. Everything could be so much easier.

    Thanks for your audience.


    P.S. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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    ThePhlegmMaster deleted his initial comment that was crapping all over the US. So just to clarify, you two really have no clue what you're talking about.

  • What if tasteless is the point of nudity? It's a stripbar with a stripper. You are talking to a pimp. What do you expect?

    I think showing of hookers in a tasteful way is more problematic. Like 'Pretty Woman': "Look girls! It's fun and romantic to be a hooker!" I find such representation of hookers to be more problematic, but whatever.

  • Yep, he deleted his initial comment that was talken shit about US. Why I may not like the country I live in, I STILL live in it, there was no need for country bashing, did anyone else bash on his place of living? NOPEEEEE...

    Anyhow it is really weird that boobs would offend people, i don't say "nipples" because while men nipples seem to be a totally OK subject female nipples sure don't be, if I went into a strip bar I expect to either see half naked women walking around or fully naked women walking around unless it was a male strip club, BUT I do gather it will have only women since as much balls as gaming companies seem to have now a days, they could never show a man's junk on screen and that for one is depressing for me, Im tired of having bare breasts shoved in my face...

  • vague and unsubstantiated accusations without any foundation... you fight like a cow!

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