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Issues with nudity (episode 2)

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Hi Telltale. I loved the first episode of TWAU. It's truly inspiring, exciting, and very original.

I loved everything about it until the second episode trailer, when some female nudity was seen outside an area. I think that nudity is an easy way to earn a mature rating, and I feel like it's unnecessary. The game is dark and smart without being obscene and blatantly immature. That is what I loved about your many series. But having nudity for the sake of nudity seems immature and pointless (much like GTAV or others) to character development or story. Please, will you consider keeping everything clothed? Maybe that content was before a final build (since it's rate mature for only partial nudity)?

I just love this dark fantasy world and I want it, in my mind, to stay as smart and truly entertaining as possible. Thanks for your input everyone, and telltale!

  • I think you are taking some scenes from episode two: smoke and mirrors, a little too seriously. I mean you make it sound like theres going to be needless nudity on every episode?? This sint The PlayBoy Mansion game or Leisure Suite Larry lol

    • Even if there was nudity on every episode, what is the problem?

      • The problem would be that's not Telltale's style. They write things in because it fits, not to be gratuitous. That's why I'm going to stand by their decision to put the option in to rip Grendel's arm off and rub the gory detail in our faces. It fitted because that happened to Grendel in that Beowulf poem. I was repulsed/scarred and wouldn't have done it if it didn't unlock something but I think it's absolutely right to stay.

        Back to the context, I seriously doubt Telltale could find the excuses needed to justify nudity in every remaining episode. The seniors would see it as a huge waste of time and resources. And they, in my opinion, however much I appreciate a lady's curves, would be right.

    • There is no such thing like needless nudity. Each scene has purpose at least to pleased audience. ;-P

  • Idk why you decided to start this topic. Every comment you make gets a thumbs down.

  • Not the nipples! NOOOOO! Lol jk

  • The greatest invention ever created is the ON/OFF switch. Use it.
    If you don't like nudity, skip it or don't play.

    • That could be in the settings:

      Gore slider
      Profanity slider
      Nudity slider

      All sliders would range from clean to normal/expected for the Fables Universe.

      Sadly, the programming is the easy bit. The artwork and directing (for gore and nudity) are what will make it a potentially financially unnecessary decision.

  • There are already blood and great violence in the game. Putting nudity in a game is nothing compared to something like that.

    Are people still in the stone-age where they think that showing nudity in games is immature, pointless, or stupid.
    I just think it adds more realism in the game world.

  • Portraying parts of reality via a fictional universe, with a large body of work to support the characters and how they act within it, seems like it would include things we may not be comfortable with. Ripping of an arm is pretty disturbing. Nudity is mildly annoying, but has it's place in the context, for sure. Which is exactly what a ton of people have already said. Tastefully constructing a fucked up reality isn't gonna always please everyone, but the story might be stronger because of those stylistic decisions. Most people are on the same page it seems. Side note, hookers and prostitutes are an INNATELY sexist topic/profession, and they are completely being used for all the bad/wrong reasons. Oldest profession, sigh. No shock there, but still a reality that doesn't get any prettier in the real world.

  • there is nothing wrong with nudity, in fact, the trailer alone was ground breaking as far as maturity goes.

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    fusedmass BANNED

    I feel it's freedom of expression. Reality, is boring. That is why we watch TV or play video games for entertainment. The proper labels are on there, the problem if they change the situation to benefit people anti nudity. It will be closing on the door for people who don't mind or want that content. It's not even a real person just pixels on a screen.

    I feel even with slight nudity they are making their games, more bold, more direct and the payout will be a ton of customers buying it. I feel majority either doesn't mind or wants it, if you edit this out, where does it startd next cussing, pretty soon we won't have anything left. Simply make sure no small children are in the room before you play.

  • Showing a strip club with no boobs is like showing a pub with no booze. It shows pussy-footing around. People who buy this game will be expecting it to stay true to the Fables Universe, which from what I gather does not hold back when such themes fit into the story.

    Summing up, I'd feel cheated if there weren't partially nude people walking around in/behind a strip club in a game, simply due to the hypocrisy of having a fire but censoring the smoke.

    • Ha. I can see the establishment sign now.

      Strip Club
      Open 24 / 7
      Live fully clothes dancers
      Children welcomed

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      fusedmass BANNED

      THE majority claims this game is great. Besides would naked boobs really destroy our gaming experience. It's just pixels. their people like Miley who dry hump people on stage sexually. Besides staying true would mean they wouldn't cuss much and it'd be less fun experience. I mean its boobs..enjoy

  • There's always someone who feels offended. For those folks there's a simple guideline: Steer clear of it. Give it a wide berth.

    This should cover all bases.

    Psst! Why's there an automatic embedding feature?

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