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Glass Him

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Jesus, am I the only one who thought this clearly meant "toast him" and gasped when Bigby slammed his glass into Woody's head?

  • My friend thought it meant he was going to buy Woody a drink, when it happened he was just sitting there staring at the computer with a total "What!?" face.

  • [Edit] Aparantly it wont play from the part I want to show you. skip to 8 minuites and 32 seconds.

    • I skipped right over that choice so it wasnt until I saw this playthrough that I knew you could just bust him in the face for no reason. It made me laugh though.

  • "here's to ya, low life murdering scum" lol

  • same here, this was a total "WTF?"-moment for me

  • Yeah, I couldn't control my laughter when I accidentally glassed him. Hopefully they make that kind of shit more obvious in the future.

  • I'm honest, guys, I am shocked by the amount of people who thought that "glass him" was a positive thing to do :D
    And my native tongue is Ukrainian. I understood "glass him" as, well, "hit him with a glass nearby", so naturally I never done that. This phrase seems similar to "knife him", and in my mind it goes into that category as well.

    • I was too curious to see what would happen 0_0

    • I have no idea why anyone would give you a thumbs down. I think you made all accurate and intelligent statements. That is also exactly what I thought when I saw the option. I am also surprised by the amount of people who misinterpreted the phrasing.

    • Good point on 'knife him' and glass him' another good one would be 'hit him'.

      • Actually "hit him" is not a good example. The phrase used here is "[noun] him" which means "put/smash [noun] on him"

        Whereas "hit him" is just a phrase using a verb similar to "hug him". So that doesn't make the point.

  • I wanted to refill his glass as a friendly gesture. Oops!

  • I just have finished the first Episode, and this was one of the hardest decisions in my Point of view because i also thought it means something like "toast him" luckily i decided to say that i already know the Story he was telling.

  • Huh. The gif was on the front page of Reddit:
    Alt text

  • I wasn't quite sure either. I have thought about smashing it on him OR getting him a drink. English isn't my native language but since I've found both options possible I choosed NOT to "glass him" just to be sure.

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