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Glass Him

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Jesus, am I the only one who thought this clearly meant "toast him" and gasped when Bigby slammed his glass into Woody's head?

  • I'm French and when I first read it, I thought it was an english expression for buying someone a drink...
    No need to say, I immediately regretted choosing this option.
    I immediately skipped to the main menu and went back to the last checkpoint.

  • I thought it was kind of obvious but i guess not for everybody. Had a good laugh when nova chose that option.
    Glass him. Does that mean give him a drink? i don't want to hit hi... /facepalm LoL

  • I thought the option was a bit out of nowhere, but I had guessed that it implied hitting him. My friend chose it thinking to give the guy a drink though.

    He gave it to him alright.

  • Hahaha, the very fact this thread exists.

    I too fell for it, thinking it meant to "clink glasses"
    Seems stupidly obvious now. (That damn timer)

    I was stunned, but the outcome was hilarious.

    Hope Telltale incorporates a dialogue to "jokingly apologize" for the "incident" in the future with the Woodsman

  • I knew it probably meant hit him with a glass. I know this story is the best option you can choose in my opinion.

  • I honestly never thought that was even a possibility until now... Then again, I went the confusing route, where he talked about robbing little red riding hood, while I thought he was talking about robbing faith...

  • well at least i know i wasn't the only one who thought it meant tap his glass in agreement. XD when that happened i was just all "what the hell!!!" all freaking out and what not about possibly losing the progress i had made with him. now i'm just laughing about it.

  • Luckily, I was in detective mode, and was just focused on getting answers rather than raising a glass in his honor, so I didn't fall into the trap

  • It was pretty obvious that "Glass Him" meant hit him with a glass. I dunno how that was confusing, even if you have never heard the slang before.

  • Uhm, I never had any doubt on what "glass him" meant. I actually find it weird that someone (well, lots apparently) didn't get what was about to happen.

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