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Glass Him

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Jesus, am I the only one who thought this clearly meant "toast him" and gasped when Bigby slammed his glass into Woody's head?

  • It was pretty obvious that "Glass Him" meant hit him with a glass. I dunno how that was confusing, even if you have never heard the slang before.

  • Uhm, I never had any doubt on what "glass him" meant. I actually find it weird that someone (well, lots apparently) didn't get what was about to happen.

  • I was so mad when I realized what I done. I wanted to toast him :( I'll let this pass, next time I'll restart correctly if TTG gives another ambiguous/odd option

  • I thought glassing him met giving him a glass then a drink I personally do not believe it was the woodsman I was trying to be atleast mutual when he said I don't want to fight with u anymore so when that happened I was like so much for that it should of said hit him with glass or something.

  • Yeah, I expected a toast coming off of us being tired of fighting each other when you could "glass" him. So when I tried it and smashed his face in I had a "dang it, have to restart that." moment.

  • When has "glass him" ever meant giving a toast? I thought it was pretty obvious that "glass him" meant take the glass to him, as in smashing it in his face.

    What if it said "knife him"? Would you then have thought that it meant take a knife and make him a sandwich?

    How about "club him?" *Oh, that must mean "go clubbing" and dancing around to disco music. *

  • I was unsure what they meant by glass him. I was thinking I was going to either poor the woodsman a drink (kind of wanted to we were being adults about the situation.) or clunk him on the head with a shot glass (which ended up making more sense since I was being an asshole in my run.)

  • I thought glass him meant through our drink all over his face. Such a bitchy attitude for Bigby to take.

  • I don't understand how people would mistake it for 'a toast'. I thought it was a common saying and im not even from an english speaking country...
    Why would they even toast??

    • It's not a common saying where I come from. I've never heard that phrase, and I used to work in a bar. I think more than anything I was confused when I saw it. I remember wondering exactly what it meant, and the decision time was too short for me to think on it. So somehow when crunched for time, I figured that it was probably a not so bad action like getting him a drink. Lol. Looking back on it, I should have known otherwise. I did think that toasting or buying a drink seemed out of place, but I also hadn't ever heard anyone use that expression to mean hitting someone in the face with a glass either. So, I just picked one since my time was about to run out. Maybe I was curious, I don't know. I remember rolling my eyes and just going "Ohhhhh, that's what it means." :)

  • Theres a telltale TWAU tumblr confession thats been making my day
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