What if they were to make a Tv series of The wolf Among us.



  • Guys I was watching XMEN yesterday and there was a scene where the professor told Logan to stop smoking and I legit expected him to do Bigby's animation where he drops it on the ground and steps on it. XD

    Hugh Jackman for Bigby!

  • No one bloody forces you to watch dubs. The hate bandwagon on english anime dubs is driving me crazy goddamnit.

  • Agreed.

  • Wasn't there suppost to be a film being made for Fables comics? What happened to that?

  • It's still in development as far as anyone knows.

  • A tv or movie adaption has been in development hell for years (I think a tv series would be better considering there 150 comics plus a bunch of side stories). Hugh Jackman would be good, but I also think Jensen Ackles could pull it off.

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    There were plans for a TV show (based on the Fables comics, not TWAU). IIRC, they scrapped it and used some of the ideas to make Grimm and Once Upon A Time.

  • Yup, they wanted to change alot of the story and Bill Willingham didnt like that.

    I still kinda hope that the movie ends up not happening, and instead AMC or HBO picks up the comics. I feel like a movie would never really do justice, and it would simply just work better as a Tv Show.

  • As far as anyone knows, the movie is still in some form of development.

    The director will be Nikolaj Arcel (most notable film he did was A Royal Affair) the writer will be Jane Goldman (who wrote the first Kick-Ass movie) and the producers will be David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford (who produced Harry Potter)

    No word on the casting yet.

    Bill Willingham has apparently given the go ahead himself for this film to be made!

  • No, this will never be a TV show now that Once was put on. It'd look and feel too similar and Once has Disney's muscle behind it.

  • I'd watch the hell out of that. :O

  • I would give it to HBO, they are not stingy with the budget.

    I wouldn't like Hugh Jackman as Bigby, he is kinda old, i would like Josh Halloway

  • That would be pretty cool tbh

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