• I believe Szczery is entirely right on this one. The gun dialogue (the one that says the gun hasn't been fired in a week) shows up either ways. Dead Lawrence or Unconscious Lawrence.

    Most likely a oversight, I really doubt that Dee would shoot Lawrence and then claim he shot himself, the story is too believable and it fits with the other version of Lawrence if you make another choice.

  • I don't know, but a lot of things are weird about lawrence's death/suicide attempt. I mean, when we got there, we see that Lawrence 1)tried to cut his wrist 2)took a lot of sleeping pills 3)shoot himself. A bit redundant, you know? Plus, in the "going to Lawrence first" scenario, when Bigby asks what happened, even if Lawrence ammitted to have shoot himself, he later says that doesn't remember well and his memories are "fuzzy" (I don't remember the actual words). And Bigby comments something about the shot angle not being right. Maybe the whole thing was not a suicide at all? Maybe it was really a homicide?
    Sorry for the bad english

    • sounds a lot like a dream sequence. or something very near it. the fact that people are not remember things seems odd. at first i just wrote it off as them being there for 100 years but now i'm not so sure. something is off i just cant name it yet.

      • I think there's some strong amnesia magic being used. Like when bigby can't remember when he ordered the chinese food, he says it's probably a bad sign. This may be a side-effect of the amnisia spell. Colin says you can't change peoples memories, is this telltale tring to descretly imply something?

  • @Stubb:

    The angle was not right for a murder, but it makes complete sense for a suicide. A murderer would shoot down on someone instead of upwards, but someone trying to shoot their heart from the back of the chair would leave that exact trail.

    As for the multiple suicide ways, I guess he just kept trying to die but had a hard time because fables are hard to kill. I took it more as incompetence than some weird conspiracy. The "fuzzy dream" part could be a clue of something else, like magic or something, but I didn't take it that way.

  • My conclusion was Dee went to Lawrence to figure out what happen to Faith and Dum went to toad's because that's where she was last seen with a customer (woodsman) if they have a boss it most likely is the pimp and are stumbling around like Bigby is. I have a feeling that lieing to Lawrence will only delay him committing suicide. Yes i played through twice and actually felt nothing for Lawerance after because instead of doing something to help his lady he cries about it, lets Faith become a "working lady" =p, and then decides to kill himself acting like that would be better for her i mean come on what a selfish dick when you think about it. The gun looks like it wasn't fired in a week but Bigby had no way to conclude that and that's why I believe he took the gun, so he can figure out who's finger prints were on it too as well as when it was last shot. Another thing that bugs me is wolves have amazing hearing and smell I would have thought that Bigby would have sensed someone else in the room but anywhoo =p

  • There is one thing though no matter which scenario if you ask Toad where the Tweedle was going he always says to Lawrence. How would the Tweedles know of Faith's death when only Bigby, Snow, Crane, and the killer know she's dead. Dee wouldn't have blood on his shirt if you went to Lawrence at the end because Dum hit you on the head and there was no blood in the alley.There are three suspects in my opinion.

  • if you look on lawrences hand there is a cut

  • I'm Not Trying to spoiler this one out, but personally I find it better to choose Prince Lawrence first. Mr. Froggy over their Dose the same exact thing, even IF You go to Lawrence first, besides trying to get the fat dude But he gets away if you chose Toad first. Its more interesting and has more of a story line toward my aspect :P

  • I think Dee had to have been lying about seeing Lawrence shoot himself. Everything around him was evidence of suicide attempts. The gun, the pills, the knife to cut his wrists. He was determined but fables are hard to kill, I guess unless they're decapitated. Maybe Dee touched the body and thats how he got blood on him.

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