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I'm sure like many others who are waiting on their Steam Keys, they have put in a support ticket and are now waiting for a response.

The forum moderators (who of which are were not TT staff) have claimed that all Steam tickets went out with emails. They also informed us that if we did not receive keys, to send an email to their support address. From what I have gathered, not a single person who has received any keys or a response from Support in almost a week. I also tweeted Telltale Games' twitter feed hoping for any form of response. While their twitter responses seem to be lively, my question was lost in limbo. Sadly I haven't heard of a single person on these forums, reddit, coworkers and RL friends get any sign of a response from TT. What is going on here?

This is beyond aggravating. Please get this sorted out.

As a side note, I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from the horribly executed PAX Prime booth which is another frustrating story altogether. Really not happy with the way this company is treating their fans as of late.


  • What happened at PAX?

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    Yeah, I find it a bit frustrating that nobody has received their steam key yet.

    I understand they probably have to do it manually, but it would be really nice if somebody gave us news that they received their key so we at least know that they started sending them out.

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    They had a booth for TWAU and were giving out four different free shirts to those who played their demo. You have to find all this stuff out yourself, so by the time my fiancee and I discovered the booth on the Friday (first day), they had a sign propped up saying "Sorry, we're out of shirts, come back tomorrow". Free shirts? Cool! We'll be back tomorrow.

    On Saturday we got there a bit late, but there was no sign, so we figured we had a chance to get the next shirt and lined up.. plus being a huge TWD game fan, I really wanted to try the demo to see what it was about. Two hours in the lineup later, we finally reached the front where we find out they ran out of shirts within the first hour. Well... they could have put up a sign at least like they did the day before. Played the demo, was very impressed with it, so we figured we'd definitely come back next day for a shirt.

    Sunday (our final day), we lined up over an hour early in the big gathering hall before PAX even opened, and planned to hit TWAU right away. As soon as the gates opened, we went straight to the booth and lined up... with only a handful of people in front of us. After about 20 minutes of being in the lineup we were next up to go in, when suddenly a random group of people walked up to the front of the booth, and were given a bunch of shirts. The staff then told us that all shirts were gone, and we'd have to come back next day....


    About half of the people who were lined up expressed their frustration and flat out left. I chased down the people who just received the shirts and politely asked them how they got the shirt without going through the line-up. They said that they lined up in the first day and Telltale said they could just come back on other days, show that they already had one of the shirts and receive the next one without going through the lineup or playing the demo again.

    I'm not mad about not getting a shirt... but pissed that we wasted hours at PAX dicking around with a bullshit line-up that could have been used at another booth/game. Time is limited at PAX, and looking back, I would have rather spent the time anywhere that's not the same booth again. Might not seem like that big of a deal for someone to get upset than others, but still... this whole game launch is helping bring that frustrated memory back.

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    Thanks for the feedback, @Thiefx. I'm sorry if the whole shirt thing wasn't communicated clearly enough at PAX - we had a trailer running on a big screen at the front of the booth that was supposed to explain the process. Basically if you lined up to play the demo, we would give you a shirt (while the day's supplies lasted) -> then if you came back the next day wearing that shirt, we would give you the next day's design as well (without you having to line up and play the demo again). We had separate supplies for the demo giveaway vs. the "I'm wearing the shirt I got yesterday" giveaway. The "I'm wearing the shirt I got yesterday" supplies ran out SUPER fast (in about 15 minutes on the last day!), but we had a steady supply of shirts for people playing the demo, which only tended to run out in the afternoon.

    When we ran out of each day's shirts for the demo giveaway, we had staff go along the lineup to communicate that people could still play the demo, but there were no more shirts, so if they were super keen on getting a shirt they should come back early tomorrow instead. Our enforcer always signposted the "no more shirts" info as well. I sincerely apologise if we didn't manage to get the right message to you.

    Thank you for taking the time to see our booth... we'll try to do it better next year!

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    I checked in with our support guys, and they've confirmed that they are working through a backlog of tickets to get Steam keys delivered to people who sent them an email. We appreciate your patience!

  • I did see the big screen running at the front of the booth, it was hard to miss while standing in line for hours (which is expected to do at PAX), but all of the stuff you mentioned in the 2nd paragraph didn't happen at all. There was very little communication, there were not always signposts, and we were told that ALL shirts were gone just 20 minutes into PAX opening. I did clarify that with the worker there at the time too, she said "no more shirts for today."

    Sucks that the first actual response I have had to Telltale so far is towards them defending their booth setup as opposed to any answer about when the issue with Steam keys would be fixed.

  • So I bought my copy through GreenManGaming, which gave me a key to use on this site, and I've been having trouble and sent an e-mail, so my question is, do I get a Steam key since my game is tied to this account?

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    Do we have a date confirmed for Steam keys? Anyone yet confirmed Steam keys have gone out?

  • not even got an email to say the games been released

  • If that's the case then you guys probably shouldn't have posted all steam keys had already been e-mailed out in the Release Day thread.

    Still waiting to hear back from my Support Request as well :\

  • Same here. Got a response back from support who thinks I want my key GMG key exchanged for a Steam key...

  • Tell tale at pax, they sound like a bunch of elitest.

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