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The fables

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Heya there,

Where would I be able to pick up a book of the fables which feature throughout the game?

    • What book of fable are you looking for ? I know that you have to look everywhere in order to have them all.And I also know that for the the last one you have to play twice the scene in the bar and tear Grendel's arm off.

  • Do you mean the actual comics that they're based on? If so, all of the volumes should be available on Amazon. Just search Fables by Bill Willingham. The first volume is called "Legends in Exile." I think volume 18 is the most recent one published. There are a few spin-off series like Jack of Fables and Fairest. But what you'd want to start with is just Fables. They also carry them at a lot of bookstores. I know the Books-A-Million in my town always has some of them in.

    If you're just looking for good books of old folklore, I'd recommend Andrew Lang. :)

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