• But they don't seem to recognize each other. Faith didn't know who Woody was, Woody didn't know her. Hell, Bigby and Snow didn't recognize her and had to look her up.

    And the only Magical item the Woodsman has is his ax and Faith didn't bother taking it with her.

    It is implied that Dee kills Lawrence if he gets there first, so i don't think he wasn't interested in Lawrence.

  • This theory sounds good to me. I mean the whole "Lawrence-Faith drama" must be caused by something big. I'd say Lawrence is owing somebody a big debt , and Faith is trying to fix it for him. Remember when you go to Lawrence's and ask him why he tried to kill himself ... he replies something like " I couldn't see Faith struggling anymore. She was taking care of me all the time , and I was nothing more but a pain in the ass " .... or at least something similar. That could match the theory :)

    Also , I believe the reason Faith didn't steal from Woodsman at the beginning of the game is that Bigby-The Sheriff- was there , and he could've arrested her for robbery.

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