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After reading a few threads today, I've been inspired to come up with another theory.

Maybe Faith wasn't just a hooker, maybe she was also a thief and woody just so happened to be her target. Since most of the fables know each other and since Woody does like to hang in rough part of town. Faith could have known that Woody didn't have much in money, but did have certain magical/blessed item in his possession ( his axe).

The person who she is working for has some magical abilities and potent enough magic to stop the Magic Mirror from finding a dead girl's body.

I think that Lawerence and Faith got in with the wrong crowd or owed someone big time. Faith became a working girl to keep whoever they owed money to from killing Lawerence. Her pimp knowing she could never pay off the loan-shark as a regular working girl purposed that she steal magical items from the fables she interacts with ( she could only do this while they were sleeping and such maybe she could slip them something) . This would speed up the process of paying off the debt and she would be free.

If that's not the case then it could be just in this particular instance that Faith's employer wanted what they thought Woody had.

The piece of evidence that backs up my theory are the Tweedles. Why is Dumb going through Woody's apartment? He obviously wasn't after Faith belongings, when Toad offered Dumb her coat he didn't want it. When you catch Dee for the first time he says that He and Bigby are both after Woody and when at the Lawerence residence, Dee is not interested in the Prince, but the books on the shelf possibly indicating that whatever it is, it's small enough to hide in a book or it's a part of the book ( possibly a spell or map).


  • But they don't seem to recognize each other. Faith didn't know who Woody was, Woody didn't know her. Hell, Bigby and Snow didn't recognize her and had to look her up.

    And the only Magical item the Woodsman has is his ax and Faith didn't bother taking it with her.

    It is implied that Dee kills Lawrence if he gets there first, so i don't think he wasn't interested in Lawrence.

  • Woody is a heavy drinker and he likes to talk a lot when drunk maybe so maybe he was bragging to some of the regulars at the Trip Trap about something he had in his possession ( whatever that is) Faith's employer overhears his sob story/boast and sends one of his girls to obtain whatever Woody has. Woody doesn't need to know about Faith in fact that is a reason it's better for Faith to be someone Woody wouldn't recognize after he sobered up. Also the ax is too recognizable I did go on to say that it might be something that can be easily hid in a book or is a part of a book ( if you visit Lawerence's house first Dee searches through the bookself for something).

    Also I've went to Lawerence's house first and Toad's house first. Dee is telling the truth, he's still connected but Lawerence attempted or committed suicide.

    The only hard evidence I have is the Tweedles were looking for Woody and searched his apartment for something.

  • Except he is not, the shot that kill Lawrence is not from his gone if Dee gets there first. Bigby will still point out that the gun was fired at week ago.

    Dee's shirt is also covered in blood, he is obviously lying. The twins also clearly have no problem strong arming a kid.

    Anyway, Faith was just there as a working girl, she didn't seem to bother looking over the apartment and she mainly worried about returning to Georgie without money.

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    Fables are hard to kill also look at Lawerence he's already decomposing (yes, when you enter the apartment the first thing Snow does is plug her nose because of the smell) meaning he's been that way for some time. Remember Woody had an ax lodged in his skull and was able to walk away from it.

    Strong arming a kid and committing murder are two different things. The Tweedles were using a form of intimidation, if it was just Toad he would tell them to blow it out their arse, but Dee was smart enough to know that TJ is Toad's weakness, seeing TJ get hurt forced Toad to cooperate with him.

    Like I stated before the thing that might be sought after might be something small, she did search him after she put him down. you could make the argument that she was just getting what she was owed for her service, also when Bigby offers to give her money she says she'll be fine, either trying to be nice or that wasn't what she was after.

    I would like to add that Faith didn't have time to search Woody's apartment because Woody was beating her.

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    This theory sounds good to me. I mean the whole "Lawrence-Faith drama" must be caused by something big. I'd say Lawrence is owing somebody a big debt , and Faith is trying to fix it for him. Remember when you go to Lawrence's and ask him why he tried to kill himself ... he replies something like " I couldn't see Faith struggling anymore. She was taking care of me all the time , and I was nothing more but a pain in the ass " .... or at least something similar. That could match the theory :)

    Also , I believe the reason Faith didn't steal from Woodsman at the beginning of the game is that Bigby-The Sheriff- was there , and he could've arrested her for robbery.

  • Yeah that's what I base the theory off of and why Faith is a working girl.

    When you corner Dee and you question him he says Bigby should be in the books I thought that was interesting.

  • What path corners him? Can't be at the Trip Trap.

  • At Lawerence's apartment

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