Having a problem with the new layout

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So I saw this new layout of the site for the first time today. After figuring it out, I noticed one of my games is missing from my page and the receipt is not there. When I look at games I own, The Big Adventure Game Bundle 2010 is not there and there is no receipt for it. Gonna want that back, Telltale.


  • Just checked today, having the same problem!

  • This is, sadly, a known issue. You'll have to get in touch with the Support team about it I'm afraid.

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  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni

    If you're missing stuff from your account, send an email to support@telltalegames.com - they should be able to help you!

  • The Adventure Bundle is no longer available as telltale isn't able to distribute some of the games anymore. If you dont have some of the telltale games that were included available to you I'd contact support about enabling those on your account. The others you're going to have to re-purchase elsewhere if you want to play them.

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