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Having trouble in TTG site...

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I bought the game using PayPal and the only way I found to activate it was clicking on the red words in the upper left corner of the introduction window. I still don't understand that window that shows a sort of hardware code and two fields Name and Code.
I got confused due to the fact I didn't use TTG account (normal) but PayPal data (strange). What Name must be inserted (TTG nick, my real name, whatever)? and what code??

But my real question is: why in My TellTale -> My purchases does it appear: "It doesn't look like you've purchased anything."


Thanks but I find this way to activate the game very ambigous because of different data (of different registrations) the system asks to insert.

P.S. There is a way to download the complete installer and not that nonsense "Download BonevilleInstaller now.exe"?

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    Heatherlee Telltale Alumni
    A couple people have been concerned about this, but don't worry. I asked Troy about it, and he said:
    "The messaging is being changed for that page, which is for legacy Texas Hold'em purchases only."

    In other words, that section of the site is being re-designed and you shouldn't actually see your Bone purchases up there.

    But everything is still ok! We know you bought it. And thank you!!
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    Thanks Madam!
    Kind as usual...
    I am sorry but how do you know I bought Bone even if in the purchase procedure I didn't insert my TTG account?
    I am concerned in that way...
    Thanks and ciao!

    P.S. I love TTG team :) !
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