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Hi, I'm a bit confused about the new site. Where is the store? I wanted to order the DVDs for games I already own but can't for the life of me find out how to or where is other merchandise.

Edit: DVD I wanted to obtain is the Devil's Playhouse one by the way.

  • Wondering exactly the same thing, wanted to get my BTTF DVD.

  • Only downloads are available at the moment. They'll have to fix that some time in the next few months in order to offer the DVD for TWAU. If you've waited 'til now to request the DVDs for earlier games, hopefully that means you're the patient sort. Though it's possible they're gone for good.

    • I'm fine to wait a bit, as long as I can get it eventually... I don't recall a time limit on the DVD offer (and the way I see it I already paid for my DVD so they can't permanently withdraw the offer without fair warning).

      I hope they work out a more reasonable shipping rate for European customers when they bring the store back as well. This is part of the reason I didn't get the DVD earlier, $19 is a crazy amount to ship one DVD to the UK. I've ordered plenty of stuff from the US and it's never cost anywhere near that amount for a DVD case...

  • Same as Sir Primalform. I don't recall DVD having a time limit to order, otherwise I would've done it much sooner. And since I did own not fair to remove it without warning.

    As for other merchandise like books, shirts, etc.. Where are they now?

  • Telltale have previously stated (a couple of months back, IIRC) that they want to get the new site up and running properly before they bring physical items / a more traditional store back.

    Hopefully they'll get it all sorted by the time Ep5 of TWAU comes out and people will actually want the DVD, but they've said nothing as of late, so take that for what you will.

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  • Heard back from TTG support the other day.

    "And also, I apologize, but we no longer offer DVDs for Back To The Future, the only active DVD deals we have going are for The Wolf Among Us, and The Walking Dead: Season Two."

    It's not like I just bought BttF right now, when I bought it a DVD was part of the deal and I expect either my DVD or a refund. I am livid that TTG won't honour their half of the deal. Looking at the Wayback Machine, the DVD was still available in August 2013 and was gone some time in September, no warning.

    • Really? Aw man, that sucks. I was hoping to grab that DVD when there were enough DVDs I wanted to make it worthwhile (I'm in the UK, so postage would be rather pricey for just one thing). Bah!

      • Yeah, I used to wait until I had a few DVDs saved up and then pay joint shipping (I'm in the UK too). The fact that TWD didn't have a DVD is part of the reason I didn't try and order the BttF disc until October.

      • Argh, they're trying to make out that it was a limited time promotion rather than something all customers were entitled to. The DVD was listed as a feature on the store page when I bought the game! I'd say that entitles me to the DVD, or some kind of compensation if they have no stock left.

      • And now I just found out that in addition to removing Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition from my account (and presumably everyone else who bought it), they removed the Great Adventure Bundle 2010 from every single customers' accounts.

        I didn't buy that bundle and found out about this from someone on another forum but I'm just shocked at how terrible Telltale has become. That's downright scummy.

  • Great. So I can't get the DVD for Sam and Max Season 3 now? They should've warned us they were removing it. Wonder why every company that gets successful turns scumbaggy. :(

  • As this thread has been bumped anyway, there's something I've been wondering about. Did they ever release the TWAU DVD? The season has been over for a while now.

    The reason I ask is that I don't have time to play it now, but if I could get the DVD, I might buy it now anyway, put the DVD aside, and grab it when I have time, playing it off the DVD. If the DVD is not available, there's no reason to buy it now, because I can't play it now.

    If you try to buy TWAU at the moment, it just has the message that you'll be entitled to the DVD at the end of the season for the cost of shipping. Well, if the DVD were out, I would expect it to ask if I want the DVD now, and pay shipping now with the same purchase.

    Apologies if this has been answered in the TWAU forum. I don't read that, as I don't want to be spoiled.


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