The Walking Dead in Arabic language , can we help to achieve that ?

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Arabic gaming community is increasing since 2008 . However , in the end of 2011 the number of arabian (in middle east) players increased very fast , the most effective reason is the arabic translated games in all platforms .

Any person in the world get confort to read,write and speak in his first language more than his second language even if he can speak it well still he prefer his own language and that is the reason why these "arabic translated" are so succesful in the arabic community because these (arabians players) are finaly got a game which is easy to understand .

This game needs a good English language because almost 95% of choices are depending on understand what is happning and what are the available choices (formed as a chat) .

My suggestion is :

Give us the green light to help you to translate this game's season to the Arabic
In another game such as Game dev Tycoon (an indie game) we communicated with the developers and they gave us the green light to translate that game (the translating is continuous and until now we reached 54.6%)

I love your game and i bought around 3 other copies to my friends (friends who speak english)
So please let us help and i hope you dont disappoint us :)


  • ahahahah
    Seriously, you're talking Telltale about translations???
    Queue up....

  • Wait what? They didn't do translation for the main languages of the world and do you think they'll do for arabian?

    Telltale seems to don't like foreigners lol.

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    I fully support Telltale hiring volunteer translators for their games. I enjoy games more with my language.

  • Sorry this is the (didnt find the edit bottom)

    You can see the translating work . all who translate in this page are arabian players without any remuneration

  • I back Saud_X's request.

  • would love to play The Walking Dead with Arabic! <3

  • realy i have alot of friend want to play this game but the dont speak english the want it in arabic :D

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    Be aware that this topic could be closed (as happened in the past).
    Telltale doesn't allow talking about modifying their game files, even if it's for their own good.
    And, btw, don't exprect them to answer.

    Here in Italy a group of translators did a magnificient job to translate TWD in italian, just to know that after 6 months Telltale released an official Italian version.
    If they announced the new language localization before, some people here wouldn't have bashed them for having make them work hard in their spare time.
    The same is happening with TWAU. There's a group of translators ready to build an Italian patch, because no one said if there will ever be an italian localization.

    It's something like 8 years they got the same issues about localization....

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    Interesting. Bas bil FusHa willa il-`aammiyye? Translating something as colloquial in its use of language as this game into Classical would neuter it, and if to the vernacular--well that's a whole can of worms there.

    To clarify the point to others: we've no standardised literary form for our dialects, and our only written standard is the classical form of the language, which is as far removed from our speech as Chaucer's Middle English is from modern English. The interesting thing is that kids are taught that form and to write it and speak it from the start of their education; what's amusing is that from an early age they're even brought up watching cartoons voiced in that archaic register no differently than were Italian children all growing up watching the Smurfs or something similar in Latin.

  • I would love an arabic version to be released (it would help me practise my arabic if nothing else! :P) but I honestly don't see it happening, sorry guys.

  • I liked the The Walking Dead and the wolf, but I did not understand the full story I hope that there will be only Arabic subtitles

  • I don't speak Arabic but I second this notion. :)

    Be aware that this topic could be closed (as happened in the past). Telltale doesn't allow talking about modifying their game files

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