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The Walking Dead in Arabic language , can we help to achieve that ?

posted by SAUD_X on - Viewed by 3.6K users

Arabic gaming community is increasing since 2008 . However , in the end of 2011 the number of arabian (in middle east) players increased very fast , the most effective reason is the arabic translated games in all platforms .

Any person in the world get confort to read,write and speak in his first language more than his second language even if he can speak it well still he prefer his own language and that is the reason why these "arabic translated" are so succesful in the arabic community because these (arabians players) are finaly got a game which is easy to understand .

This game needs a good English language because almost 95% of choices are depending on understand what is happning and what are the available choices (formed as a chat) .

My suggestion is :

Give us the green light to help you to translate this game's season to the Arabic
In another game such as Game dev Tycoon (an indie game) we communicated with the developers and they gave us the green light to translate that game (the translating is continuous and until now we reached 54.6%)

I love your game and i bought around 3 other copies to my friends (friends who speak english)
So please let us help and i hope you dont disappoint us :)

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