• I don't know much about the comics but she's the Deputy mayor by the start of it, isn't she? That kind of role and responsibility kind of forces people to be assertive and cold. Maybe once she took over the position, she grew into it more and became more of a toughened leader. Here, she's basically a secretary who has to answer to Ichabod Crane all day. That can't be great for your self-esteem.

  • Snow White definitely has her insecurities and she didnt have a great relationship with Ichabod Crane. I wont spoil it but I can understand why she is nervous around him. Plus, she's probably seething with resentment that this fool gets to have massages while she does his job.

    • Perhaps, but even in a more subservient role, the Snow of the comics is not the type to hide her seething resentment like the one in the game does.

      • I dont think they are trying to recreate the comic to the letter just be a good representative of them. Snow is tough but she's not invulnerable. I guess it just depends on how you look at it.

        • I get that, and I have no problem with them changing a character somewhat to suit their story. But they've made a point of telling us about Bill Willingham being involved in the story, and how The Wolf Among Us is completely canon with the comics. It's not really an adaptation, it's a continuation. So I can't help but assume that any inconsistencies are there for a reason.

          • Well, I dont know what to tell you. If you think she is acting out of character from your point of view then I cant argue with you. I dont necessarily think that but we'll see. A person can change a lot from situation to situation.

  • It's probably telltale's version of snow, just like my bigby is nothing like the angry lonewolf he appears to be in the comics.

    • Man, mine sure is. But I get it with Bigby. There has to be some variation in his character to allow for player input. There's no reason Snow needs to have a different personality. And it's not like it's a secondary character, it's arguably the main character in the books and the second most important character in the game. Since they've made a point of telling us that everything in the game is canon and meant to match up, you gotta assume that character inconsistencies were put there on purpose.

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