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Another Steam TWD Problem, AND Support tool does nothing

posted by Hirraed on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users

I've surfed around here and various forums for an hour trying all the applicable methods, but to no avail. I kept the TWD Support Tool off to the side in order to use it in case I decided to post.. but as I used it, nothing. I try to run "TWD_create_support_data.bat" , but it does the same thing as the game- pops up, then disappears into nothingness. Help me get one or the other to work?

In specific:
TWD started with just crash to desktop after the screen goes black. After trying each different fix I could find, they all crashed with various errors still attached. I forgot what did what, so I'll re-do things and post results if asked.

The support tool .bat will load the window briefly and close out, no prompts, pop ups or anything else. Nothing happens, literally.

Install location: F:\Gaming- Steam\SteamApps\common\The Walking Dead

Op sys: Win 7

CPU: intel core i5-2500k

Ram: 8gbs

Vidya card: Nvidia GeForce gtx 560 ti

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    DjNDB Moderator

    I am not sure what's happening when the support tool fails to run, but please try this version.

    If that doesn't work either, we can retrieve some of the information semi-manually.
    First, open a command window.
    Press the Windows key. Type in "cmd" and press enter

    Then copy the command line below and paste it into the command window and press enter. It will create a file named event.txt in your %userprofile% folder. Please upload that file and post the link.

    wmic ntevent where (message like "%%WalkingDead101.exe%%") list full > events.txt


      That one worked! Here's the zip it created.
      Thank you for getting back to me.

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        DjNDB Moderator

        You seem to have closed the support tool before it was done. I added a message that tells you when it's done.
        Please download and run it again.

        • Error I got on both the tools you gave me; I assumed it found something wrong with the game at first.
 New thing it created, just in case. Probably the same.

 Also, results of the semi manual retrieval. I then spent the next twenty minutes or so trying to find event.txt, but it appears that is wasn't created.

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            DjNDB Moderator

            I think there might be some issues with your Windows. Most likely the PATH system environment variable is not set properly, which is why it can't find commands like wmic or dxdiag, and the support tool failed in the first place.

            You can try adding the usual Windows paths
            to the PATH environment variable.

            Then you should be able to run the support tool properly.

            This makes me wonder though what else might be broken in your windows installation, that could cause TWD not to work.

            • I have no idea, its a fresh installation. But that worked!

            • Tried messing with it a bit more after the path edit you gave me worked to run the tool. I started going through the tips found online, and the Troubleshoot Compatibility option actually helped this time. It set it to windows XP service pack 2 compatibility, no admin, and it ran. I got THIS error when I tried to save settings- I saved the options in properties and tried it through the normal launcher. It still failed, though. Tried it a few more times- it'll launch when I run it through Troubleshoot Compatibility, but that's it.

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                DjNDB Moderator

                I thing I have spotted the problems. It takes a few steps.

                Please delete the dinput8.dll from
                F:\Gaming- Steam\steamapps\common\The Walking Dead

                Then check the properties of the Steam.exe, your Steam icons, and the games .exe files, and disable any compatibility mode settings.
                Sometimes compatibility mode is checked, but is grayed out. Then you have to click on "Change settings for all users" at the bottom to disable the checkbox.

                And to be sure verify the game cache files.

                Afterwards try if the game works.

                • Now I'm back with the original "twd.exe has stopped working" error. Integrity checks have been fine this whole time too- including another I just ran again after changing the settings.

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                    DjNDB Moderator

                    Disabling compatibility modes should have worked according to the error codes in the event logs. Let's look what steam reports:

                    Please open the Steam client. In the menu select "help/system information".
                    Right click on the information it shows and select "select all".
                    Right click again and select "copy".
                    Finally paste the results into a reply message in this thread by pressing CTRL-V.
                    It contains a section "Installed software", which might have sensitive entries, so feel free to redact them.

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