Allright telltale got a bone to pick...

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...since apparently I cant do anything else with it. Seriously whats up with you? Why do u keep killing off my romantic interests? Its getting annoying. Walking dead, zombie appocalypse. PERFECT setting I think to myself. "Live for the moment ladies" kinda scenario. First there is Carley. Save her life, flirt all the time and boom gets her head blown in. Allright fine restart lets go after Lilly support her and keep backing her up. Offer to run away with her boom drives off without you. Christa is taken but hey here comes Molly. Hopes are up. Nope u dead b4 nething can happen. Game Over.

Move on to next series here we go big bad wolf. Loves the ladies! Red Riding Hoods, grandmas, loves em all! Im in! Hey hey hey little miss prostitute let me be ur white knight and light that ciggy 4 u! O yea heres some money 2! U wanna come by my place l8r? SUUURRREEEE! Telltale is doing me right this time around! Boom head chopped off....seriously? Fine fine fine SNOW WHITE! Bet ur bored with those dwarves! Come and lets have a chat. Flirt, flirt, flirt flirt. Lots of "relating" to each other, flirt flirt. Bam head chopped off. STOP SCREWING WITH ME TELLTALE!


  • Yeah, I felt the same way when Snow White died. She was a cool character, so I feel the same way.

  • I think she will probably be back though, given how in the comics she is shot in chapter 2 but lives (only walking with a cane). since she is fairly importnat and this game is canon, she will be back. Whoever killed her either didn't know she can regenerate or is truly sending a message.

  • I agree! Wth! A romance interest can add to the story.. Perhaps create some inner turmoil with the character.. A good vs evil within himself.. Yes, now he may be on a war path.. But wth! .. Look at Mass Effect.. Awesome game.. Best game of the year.. HAD A ROMANCE INTEREST.. They even brought in a whole DLC package if you chose that blue girl in the first game.. I mean.. She could have been abducted.. He had to try and save her.. The bad guy makes him think she is dead.. He struggles with that loss.. He can still be on the war path in that sense.. "rages with vengeance" .. And at the end as he is about to take that final blow killing the bad guy, he can be all "she is still alive" I dunno.. Infinite possibilities.. Stop killing off the ladies man!! Grrrr!! In any case I got the season's pass so it would be a waist of money if I didn't finish the series.. But if this keeps up.. Blarg!

  • Maybe Lilly and Molly didn't like Lee in that way.

    You can't expect every single female to fawn after your character dude. I'm willing to bet that doesn't happen in real life.

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    Sorry, I have to ask, why just ladies?

    Also, romance maketh not a game.

  • Cause the main character is Straight and male? Thus.. Ladies?

    All I'm saying is a romance interest can add to the story. Don't kill off every possible option, lol..

  • Would be nice, lol. But yeah.. Just leave options. I at least agree with where he is coming from there.. For the story aspect.

  • Is clementine straight and male?

    I must have not paid any attention.

  • I was talking about what has been released.. Has it been confirmed that Clementine will be the new main character? I haven't researched much on that. I wouldn't want to play as a "little" girl though.. But if there is a female lead, that isn't a problem. I'm will play a game even if the main character is a woman.

    Keeping in mind that I am a guy, and I would better "relate" to a story with a male lead. Same could be true if I was a woman.. I would better relate to a woman lead.. But it is not game breaking.. If the story is good, I will obviously play no matter who the lead is. As story is the most important.. Next to that is gameplay, then graphics, etc.. Lol.

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    I'm a guy, but I have no issue with playing a female character.

    I mean, that may be because I'm gay, but I don't really see why. You're not saying you relate to their sexuality, you're saying you relate to their gender.

  • Man, I'm so sick of everyone having a sexist outlook on video game characters. I am a woman. In my life, the characters I have always related myself to have been males. As of right now, I relate far more to Lee than Clementine, and Bigby than Snow White. Why it is automatically assumed that, because I am a woman, I will relate to a woman lead, is beyond my comprehension. I just relate to Bigby's lost soul with anger issues and mistakes in his past story more than to that of Snow White. Another time this can be seen? The Silent Hill series. Sure, I loved Heather Mason, but I honestly related more to Harry. I'm sorry, but I just had to make a comment here. Too many men think us women are only able to relate to female characters and that the only reason we play as male characters is because there is no other choice. It's nice to play as my own gender, but then again if the female character I'm going to be playing as is a stereotypically ignorant, unwise to the workings of the world female character, I'd much rather play as a male. Plus, as an added bonus, Bigby is unbelievably hot and I wouldn't want to trade him for ANY female lead. Some of us do actually enjoy playing as a male character.

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    Well, saying that it, "Doesn't happen in real life" isn't perfect for these games and plus these girls don't have manny options it's either Nice Lee, Married Kenny who can bee an ass, a teenager or a bit little kid. But maybe Telltale wants you to act based off your emotion to fill you with regret or feeling reassurance that you made the right decision...
    But anyway look at TWD TV show! They are having "Gender" With every character left and right! That must mean something for what telltale stands for with their games. But also with the emotion thing, when i played Ep. 3 of TWD

    I FLIPPED OUT when Lilly killed Carley, for once Lee got over his wife and the senator and she is immediately killed off! For Real? This emotion and attachment makes your decisions for good or bad.
    This death of Snow white makes the player want to find the killer and to get revenge and to hook people on this series that might of been doubted by the company. It's like a cliffhanger that forces you to buy the next episode or even the season pass.

  • Nothing was said about you NiNTR.. And nothing sexiest was said. You seem to be upset over nothing. I'm confused.

    All I said was I relate more to male leads over female. I also said it wouldn't prevent me from playing a game if the lead was a woman. It just depends on how good the story is. You are correct Flog; I was not speaking towards their sexuality, but rather, gender. As it would allow me to put myself in their shoes, and thusly, feel more of a personal connection. I can't very well put myself in the shoes of a woman, as I am not a woman.. And so.. I relate more to male leads. :) Please read carefully next time NINTR. Unless you were speaking towards something outside of the posts above.

  • Yeah, I can see your point for the hook side of things.. But there is a way to do that without killing her off.. Making him think she is dead.. Lots of roads to travel. :)

  • Who knows though.. Maybe beast and beauty will have some problem with their relationship, and beauty will start getting close to wolf, haha. She has already shown an interest to the animal side, lol. There was a preview of beast and wolf getting into a fight or something.. So maybe it gets out of hand, he trips and falls into a car, or the killer gets him, and beauty is left alone..

    I read somewhere that snow doesn't actually die, and that she could come back.. But I dunno.. That is insane if she can regenerate.. How would that even work? Put her head back on her body, some magic spell.. comes back to life?? Lol.. Crazy..And if that was true.. Couldn't all the victims come back with that line of thinking? Or does the killer burn the bodies? Or is regeneration just snows ability? This is a black hole of questions.. I'll stop there, haha.. Getting sucked in, haha..

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    This isn't Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, Dragon Age, or Mass Effect. Sorry man, sometimes "love interests?" have to die to move the plot along. WIth that said we already know Snow's death is a bunch of smoke... and mirrors... I quit with the jokes xD

  • So say a romantic scene did come up, do you really want to sit through an awkward make-out section like the ones in David Cage games? If that happened, hopefully TellTale could do it better than him, but it would still look awkward...

  • They could go black screen after a kiss for all I care.. Just saying it adds to a story. The dialog, the events that take place, the, etc.. Some games do make it look awkward though, lol. I'm with you on that.. Hopefully it is done right.

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    A-fricken-men on the Bigby thing.

    Although he isn't saying that men can't possible relate to men or vice versa, he is simply saying that HE doesn't find he can relate to women as easily. And there's nothing wrong with that.

  • It sure is odd that I can put myself in the shoes of a male lead but yet it doesn't work the other way around. It's not hard to think like the opposing gender, especially since we're all the same deep inside; humans. In actuality, men and women aren't that different from one another in terms of stories like this. If The Big bad Wolf had turned out to be a female and her Glamour had made her into an attractive female, she till would have had all of the things in her past as Bigby. I have had a life riddled with mistakes and regrets, and therefor I am like Bigby in a lot of ways. Just because I have ovaries doesn't mean that my outlook on life differs that drastically.

  • Haha! I love you! Glad you agree with me on Bigby's insane good looks! :D

    I wasn't saying there is anything wrong with him, per say, so much as I was saying that it is incredibly small minded to just come to the conclusion before having played a game that you will not be able to relate to a character of the opposing gender. If I went into every game with a male lead with that mindset, I'd never relate to any of the characters whom I've played as. All I'm asking is that he not jump to such conclusions.

  • I was making a general statement based on me myself and I.

    I have played games with female leads before, lol.. And ones with males.. And from those experiences.. I better related to the ones with male leads.. Perhaps cause the story was better, dunno.. It just feels awkward playing a female character and being flirty with a male character in a game, lol. But that is only a small example for how one relates to a given character. As in all things, if the story is very good, you may focus on that more then anything else.

  • Why is it odd that you can do this?

    Sorry but this does not make sense.. I think you are trying to start a debate about something that doesn't need a debate.. I am talking about myself. It has nothing what so ever to do with you. Thanks for your opinion though. Notice how I don't attack it.

  • I can't tell if you're serious or not, I really can't.

  • I think he is seriously sarcastic about not being serious..

    wonders if anyone will catch that Lol.

  • To tell you the truth my friend, TellTale may be killing off the possible love interests simply because it is a cliche in gaming. That is a well known plot progressing tool. They may be continuously building it up and snatching it away for the fact that we can think about where it is going just to have it all crumbling down. This is just a theory though. I remember The Walking Dead as well. I was Hella upset about Lilly. I put up with all of that nonsense for nothing?! lol. I feel your plight.

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    It would be nice if they didn't though. As it could leave a weakness to be exploited for the hero in the story, or a strength for him to draw on in hard times. Lots of angles or roads to choose from. Like something could happen that turns her towards the darkerside so to speak, lol.. have the struggle of trying to bring her back, etc.. Though I'm going from grand adventure type themes, so maybe that would be harder here? I dunno.. This isn't Mass Effect or KOTOR, lol.. But lots of games do pull it off well. Gotta luv the RPGs.

    I will say it though.. This, and the walking dead would make for great RPGs. The Wolf Among Us would be good for TV also. NOT ANIMATED! Lol.. I would much prefer an actual TV series. I mean.. They did Grimm.. So.. Granted, grimm kinda sucks now due to bad writting, etc.. Turned it kinda silly.. But if they do it right! It could work very well. And that would further advertise to the game series, and comic series.. I'm sure there is a large fan base that they could initially grow from. Maybe it will be in the cards someday. I'll definitely watch, lol.

  • This is why it got the 80 game of the year awards. tell tale are so good at applying the same level of drama that we see in the tv show and comics. this "Female attachment" is one of the key heart strings that a tv show can pull EG Maggie and Glenn, Rick and Lori, Andrea and dale and Michonne and Tyreese. all of them lost someone they loved and now have to deal with it. Carly was pretty much the same thing. im glad i wont be worrying about this in season 2. 9 is to young for a boyfriend clementine!

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    They should give out a reward for slowest release time. And shortest gameplay.

    As for romance.. I totally agree with what was said above. Stop killing off the romance interests, lol.

  • ok well I guess you did know but The Wolf Among Us is set 30 years before the Fable series. Snow can't be dead because she has pups with Bigby

  • Lol poopies!!!

    Bring on the snowballs! Lol.

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    Fuck, I shouldn't have clicked the show comment. I hate myself.

  • Except Snow White and Bigby do end up married, so she probably is not dead at all.

  • Though she likely isn't dead since this all takes place before Fables and Bigby and Snow do get married.

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