• Maybe Lilly and Molly didn't like Lee in that way.

    You can't expect every single female to fawn after your character dude. I'm willing to bet that doesn't happen in real life.

  • This isn't Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, Dragon Age, or Mass Effect. Sorry man, sometimes "love interests?" have to die to move the plot along. WIth that said we already know Snow's death is a bunch of smoke... and mirrors... I quit with the jokes xD

  • So say a romantic scene did come up, do you really want to sit through an awkward make-out section like the ones in David Cage games? If that happened, hopefully TellTale could do it better than him, but it would still look awkward...

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      They could go black screen after a kiss for all I care.. Just saying it adds to a story. The dialog, the events that take place, the, etc.. Some games do make it look awkward though, lol. I'm with you on that.. Hopefully it is done right.

  • I can't tell if you're serious or not, I really can't.

  • To tell you the truth my friend, TellTale may be killing off the possible love interests simply because it is a cliche in gaming. That is a well known plot progressing tool. They may be continuously building it up and snatching it away for the fact that we can think about where it is going just to have it all crumbling down. This is just a theory though. I remember The Walking Dead as well. I was Hella upset about Lilly. I put up with all of that nonsense for nothing?! lol. I feel your plight.

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      It would be nice if they didn't though. As it could leave a weakness to be exploited for the hero in the story, or a strength for him to draw on in hard times. Lots of angles or roads to choose from. Like something could happen that turns her towards the darkerside so to speak, lol.. have the struggle of trying to bring her back, etc.. Though I'm going from grand adventure type themes, so maybe that would be harder here? I dunno.. This isn't Mass Effect or KOTOR, lol.. But lots of games do pull it off well. Gotta luv the RPGs.

      I will say it though.. This, and the walking dead would make for great RPGs. The Wolf Among Us would be good for TV also. NOT ANIMATED! Lol.. I would much prefer an actual TV series. I mean.. They did Grimm.. So.. Granted, grimm kinda sucks now due to bad writting, etc.. Turned it kinda silly.. But if they do it right! It could work very well. And that would further advertise to the game series, and comic series.. I'm sure there is a large fan base that they could initially grow from. Maybe it will be in the cards someday. I'll definitely watch, lol.

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