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Question regarding the coat

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I don’t understand why Faith's coat is found in the Woodsman’s apartment. I wouldn’t think that she would simply forget it or leave it behind (and remember it was a blisteringly hot night so why even bring it). I would have through it would be more likely to come across the coat in Laurence’s apartment.

I am curious to see what peoples thoughts are on this. Thanks.

  • well apparently it is a magic coat that makes her ugly, so it is more than just a coat to keep her warm, so i think there is definitely more to that coat than first thought, even though according to Toad Dee/Dum didn't want to take it

  • I think that the coat is more important in the story than what people tend to believe.Don't forget that it is directly linked to Faith's story.But I don't know if it will have a big role to play in the future.From the classical Donkeyskin fairytale, the coat was made of donkey skin but not of any regular donkey.It was actually one that had the ability to produce gold and this is why the king was very rich."Now, it was not for a whim but for a good reason that the King had given this donkey a particular and distinguished place. The special qualities of this rare animal deserved the distinction, since nature had made it in so extraordinary a way that its litter, instead of being like that of other donkeys, was covered every morning with an abundance of beautiful golden crowns, and golden louis of every kind, which were collected daily.".In the game when we read the book we can read a description of the coat, there is a magic spell that goes with it and that makes animals shit gold.Given the fact that most fables are in great need of money,one could easily end up thinking that someone might have heard of it and might be trying to find it.But I don't know why it was in Woody's place.Maybe he stole it from her and she came back to recover it.That's also at that moment when you ask her what she was doing here that she says "these lips are sealed".

    • After reading Mary5's comments I thought about Woody at some point stealing the coat from her, but if you press her back at the apartment she states “I just need the money he owes me, then I can go”. Also she didn’t simply take the coat back at the end of the ruckus.

      So far I have come up with three broad possibilities, either:

      --She was unaware it was in the apartment

      --She felt it was best to leave it there for now


      --Toad didn’t acquire the coat in the manner that he states

      Thanks for all the input.

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