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The complaining needs to stop!

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Seriously, complaining about season 2 not being here is really childish! And bashing TWAU is so stupid.
Telltale made other games before the Walking Dead. Just because they had one success that does not mean that they should turn the company into "Kirkman's Games".
We the TWD fans should be happy about Telltale making other games than the Walking Dead, not insulting Telltale for not making season 2.
Have some patience, season 2 will be here soon.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Well said. And this vote-wars going on between TWD and TWAU fans is starting to get ridiculous.

  • Not to mention the fact that Season 1 came out last year. Most franchises are not Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed or Paranormal Activity. With most franchises, you have to wait years for the sequel to come out. Just ask us Sam & Max fans. Waiting another month or two is cake.

  • Count me as a Sam & Max fan.

  • well said. i am also sick of people complaining. when i post in a thread that we still have a while to wai for season 2, and thats OK, all the haters give me thumbs down. lol its like the people complaining think its going to change when it is released. i would much rather wait and have a higher quality game than have TT rush the game out and have it not live up to its potential

  • Haven't TWD and TWAU been announced at the same time (February 2011)? And isn't it just ridiculous that parts of the crowd that already got 6 episodes since then complain because of the first(!) episode of the other game?

  • It seems like gamers are the least patient fans on earth.

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    TheDuck BANNED

    I predict it will stop.


  • This is starting to remind me the worst forum ever on history: gtaforums. Don't do this !

  • Seriously, complaining about season 2 not being here is really childish! And bashing TWAU is so stupid. Telltale made other games before the Walking Dead. Just because they had one success that does not mean that they should turn the company into "Kirkman's Games". We the TWD fans should be happy about Telltale making other games than the Walking Dead, not insulting Telltale for not making season 2. Have some patience, season 2 will be here soon.

    Yes, some of the complaining has been excessive. So has some of the boot-licking.

    I highly doubt Telltale needs anyone backing them up. I'm sure season 2 will be out soon, but in the meantime, fans have been given almost nothing to whet their appetites, so you really can't blame a lot of us for getting impatient. Nor do you have any right to accuse people here of being "childish". As far as I know, I haven't seen anyone here dish out insults directed towards any of the Telltale staff. If anything, the insults have been reserved for the people who take issue with Telltale's silence about season 2.

    When Telltale finally unveils new info about season 2 (or perhaps even the first episode of season 2 itself), then you'll be entitled to label us "childish." But right now, you're just throwing gas on the fire.

    • We got 400 days. We didnt have to get that.

      • 400 DAYS was all the way back in July. While I love the episode and appreciate Telltale putting the time aside to include a DLC, we've barely received any news since then. I know that's probably going to change in a few days or less, but at the same time, we really don't need any more callous labels being tossed around.

        You have to understand that I've seen this pattern before. The one time when I participated in a forum discussion about MASS EFFECT 3, my opinion was shut down using a similar method used here: I was accused of entitled whining. It's a calculated way of alienating one forum member's views from the rest of the group. I always try to find a middle ground in any debate, but this is a particularly insidious technique that seems to keep working no matter how many times it's used online, and I for one have grown tired of it.

        • "We've barely received anything since getting something that fans of no other Telltale franchise have gotten" sounds a bit overindulged to me. And you almost make it sound as though you feel like a game company owes you information about their upcoming title just because you purchased their previous game and frequent their forums.

          That being said, you're not the one that I or masterpsychic have issue with. That distinction goes to a certain other forum member.

          • And "the release of a special DLC several months ago automatically negates any and all issues you might have with future releases" sounds a bit arrogant to me. I only call them like I see them, DomeWing. While I can understand some forum members wanting to score brownie points from Telltale by publicly denouncing other members as ungrateful whiners, it does nothing to ease the tension and hostility. I have absolutely no intention of pissing anyone off at Telltale. It's just the patronizing attitude of some of their more...dedicated supporters that I take issue with.

            • I'd say that it's more "the unprecedented release of a special DLC several months ago, which was explicitly stated to tie into the next game in a franchise negates any and all complaints that not enough information has been given about the next game in that franchise."

              I don't want to score any brownie points from Telltale, nor do I very much care about easing the "tension and hostility." Frankly, I think the fact that there there is tension and hostility in the first place is absolutely fucking ridiculous and it's not my job to side-step or quell people's irrationality.

              The reason I'm speaking up is that it's frustrating to me when I hear someone act like they've been victimized despite already receiving more anyone else before them. It's one of my pet peeves.

              • Frankly, I think the fact that there there is tension and hostility in the first place is absolutely fucking ridiculous and it's not my job to side-step or quell people's irrationality.

                Well...actually, it sort of is. Just as much as it's my job to tolerate your attitude, you have to tolerate mine. It's all part and parcel of interacting in a public forum. The fact you're accusing me of acting the victim and behaving like a spoiled brat (something I take serious offence to, pal, so you'd better get a grip) flies in the face of your statement there wasn't any tension or hostility to be found here. Casually spouting off foul language won't help your case, either.

                You can go on and on about the DLC as much as you like, but October is almost over and we still haven't been granted so much as a screenshot.

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              fusedmass BANNED

              I know exactly how you feel. It's the core group community. That act as if they score brownie points, by shooing away anyone even asking for a release date "Asking for a release date, How dare you" I believe I even made a thread devoted the wolf among us, release date.

              Then it was locked by a mod. How predictable. The community core group, same people who insult the staff, (along with some of the mods) for weeks straight about the skin, directly flaming tell team members. Are usually first one to insult others "saying no ..wait" this self righteous attitude.

              It's not difficult. Tell Tale should ever pin point a month, release a trailer or stop making awful predictions. The thing is, people will complain. The core needs to accept this. If its not us, then next month, new people sign up or eight months from now. You cannot just keep making new users experience not nice and experience positive growth results.

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                Blind Sniper Moderator

                To my knowledge, it's not the "asking for a release date" that bothers people as much as it is the extremely vocal and impatient minority which unfortunately makes the greater community look bad. Any assumption that Walking Dead Season 2 comes out later rather than soon gets you labeled as a Wolf Among Us fanboy or a jerk who hates the game and wants to rain on the parade for others, no matter how good the reasoning is for your guess. (Oh, and you get "thumbs down" into oblivion as well.)

                I wish both groups would get along, or at least agree to disagree. I've tried to explain why expecting the game in mid or late November rather than late October/Early November would just get hopes crushed, but it seems to me that they just accuse people who try to help them as starting a fan base war which gets rather grating after a while.

        • I don't have a problem with you Robert. I have a problem with those who say that TWAU is a crappy game and that it should be ignored. By saying that TWAU is crap is pretty much saying that TWD is crap too because this game was made by the same company that made the TWD. And some people are bashing Telltale for not making season 2. For those who say that Telltale are liars for not making season 2, make your own gaming company and try to make many Walking Dead games until the end. We should be lucky that the Walking Dead Game wasn't made by Valve because if it was made by Valve than season 2 would come out in 2020.

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          Blind Sniper Moderator

          "Way back in July" was only a couple of months ago. In regular game development and even for Telltale's development, that is really quick.

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      @Robert_Morgan wrote: fans have been given almost nothing to whet their appetites, so you really can't blame a lot of us for getting impatient.

      This comment easily gets into my top 10 of most paradox comments I have ever read on this forum.

      • So what do you want me to do, Vainomoinen? I've said over and over again that I'm grateful for the 400 DAYS DLC. Hugely grateful. But no one seems to be listening, instead choosing to zero in on my "sense of self-entitlement". This isn't even about the game, or Telltale any more. What angers me is the way DomeWing (and others) on this thread use the DLC basically as a "Get Out of Jail Free" card for almost every single argument about the dearth of S2 news. Whenever I give even a little voice to my concern, I'd like to do so without fear of being ostracized or patronized.

        And yes, I KNOW Telltale has promised news before the end of the month. But as I said, my beef isn't with Telltale. When my views are casually dismissed either as an ungrateful whiner or a spoiled gamer by other forum members, I tend to lose my cool, and I apologize for that much.

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          I do hate the thumbs-downing instead of argumentation. Rest assured, I'm not participating in that shit.

          400 days was just three months ago. THREE months. With some game companies, you don't get anything about a particular franchise for three YEARS. And I'm actually thankful when they're not ridiculously teasing or "whetting appetites" for just plain nothing. If Telltale doesn't have a fourth Sam & Max Season planned and is not even interested in the fitting game mechanics any more, I'd rather they wouldn't tease the fans with the prospect or continuously reassure them of their prolonged interest in the IP. And I fricking hate what Ubisoft and Michel Ancel do with the Beyond Good & Evil fans, this kind of TEN YEAR teasing of a sequel is just plain inhuman.

          So, yeah, continuously asking for an anticipation build-up just as an assurance no one really needs - that Season 2 IS coming, and that amazingly in the near future - isn't very high on my priority list. Telltale has done nothing wrong here. People can make themselves heard that they'd rather have a few teaser images, that's what this forum is for. But actual complaints? I'm not getting it. I positively am unable to understand the behaviour.

          Historically, Telltale has concentrated its efforts on getting those games out instead of churning the marketing mill incessantly. If you consider how animated teasers or tech demos have, in the past, effectively wasted insane amounts of time and money of some developers who were just trying to advertise their coming game on E3, I think we can safely arrive at the conclusion that Telltale's way is the more intelligent and customer friendly.

          • When even the moderator accuses you of nagging, you know it's time to quit.

            It's obvious any further participation in this thread on my part is only going to make things worse, so I'm going to run silent for a while until actual S2 news is finally released. I don't agree that Telltale hasn't done anything wrong (what's the problem with even releasing so much as a single teaser image?), but I'm not here to get myself thrown out. I'm here because I genuinely love the game, just like everybody else.

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              Vainamoinen Moderator

              As far as I'm aware, nothing you have ever done on this forum would get you thrown out, let me make that abundantly clear.

              I edited my post above to reflect that nothing I said there was meant to describe your behavior specifically.

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              fusedmass BANNED

              It's a shame, some mods area actively trying to silence people. Where were you people exactly when people complained about the skin, that's right. Most of you joined in. Then people asking about release date. Locking threads where people asking this very question is not enough.

              You have nag users to quiet them.

              • If the mods wanted to silence you, they'd just ban you and be done with it. That so many users have been allowed to continue with their constant and consistent negative attitudes is testament to the mods actually being very lenient.

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                  fusedmass BANNED

                  I disagree. I see a negative attitude at people who thrash on other people. You see negative attitudes, when people ask for release date. I agree, its shocking that the people were allowed to over for a week, insult the tell tale staff directly, directly up to the people who created the company.

                  Yet not one mod said a thing.

                  I would be stunned.To see someone in trouble for a lesser offense, no doubt if that ever does happen. That will be used a shining example.

                  • The reason we were so lenient is because of the new forum.

                    You have to remember - it had only just been implemented and people were very unhappy with it. We felt it best to let people voice their frustrations rather than simply warn or ban a huge number of people.

                    Did people go too far? Absolutely. Should we have stepped in? Probably.

                    But if we had, what would have happened? Would people have accused us of censoring them? Would they have thought of this site as a free and open community?

                    There's no question that things went WAY too far during the Kevin-gate debacle though, and after that the mods agreed that it was the final straw. We wouldn't let things get that bad again, and we'd behave as proper mods should. We'd warn people, we'd delete offensive posts and we'd ban people if the need arose.

                    Thankfully we've been blessed with a community that's fairly respectful and, aside from a few troublemakers, this place has been a much nicer place to hang out, forum software troubles and all.

                    So there you go. Hopefully that explains a few things.

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                      fusedmass BANNED

                      Let me just make sure. I have this crystal clear. During the situation which went on for WEEKS, people were allowed to voice in intense debate against the site creator. (One of those people. I believe was you. As you call new users a word..I won't repeat here) a skin even you voiced frustration with.

                      Now that you got that our your system, and everyone else. (A small minority group) now anytime a new subject arises. You are quickly going to ban and dismantle that. Why is it, you and your friends were allowed to voice frustrations for weeks. Against something, that you supported.

                      i.e. not liking the new skin.

                      However the next new subject, may not something you don't agree Is it by pure chance, the next subject you may not agree with the people, so it may be easier to delete their posts and censor them. (i.e. you just siding with arguments you agree with and censoring the rest. i.e. people who ask about release dates)

                      But it wasn't okay before. I am just speaking as someone who can see things. It's a bit unfair, let's say if someone rages about release date. You shut them down. Yet that other thing went on for weeks. Some might mistakenly take that as playing favorites with core community.

                      • No.

                        It doesn't matter if we like a subject or not, we don't do anything to it unless it breaks the rules.

                        We don't censor people unless they have done something wrong - for example, if someone says they've pirated The Wolf Among Us, we would ban them and delete the post where they said it.

                        That is as far as it goes. We would never censor someone just because we personally disagree with what they say. EVER.

                        What you refer to as a skin is actually a new site, just so you know. And I'm not going into the details about the new site. Not again.

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                          fusedmass BANNED

                          Then I would respectfully, like to remind people.

                          That asking about release date is not a crime in itself. There seems to be intense negative attitudes anytime, someone asks about release date. Look at the guy ahead of me in posts. He simply asks for release date and gets everything but the kitchen sink thrown at him.

                          To the point where he ceased writing. I hope mods would look into these situations, to make sure no cyber bullying i.e. harassment. There is a negative habit, people need to break. We are allowed to ask for release dates.

                          Just because the core community, doesn't agree. Doesn't make it an official rule. All too often. I see people ask about these (as annoying as these can be its not against the rules) just to get run over in insults, even the creation of this thread (aimed at blasting those who complain)

                          actually in my opinion. This thread isn't even needed. It just puts people who have a valid question (complainers) against those who would wait years before asking for it. I understand there is frusation yet the rights of newcomers should be protected as well as the old.

                          I believe I said my peace here.

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                        Jennifer Moderator

                        In the situation you are speaking about, I did personally send private messages with warnings to be respectful, and I deleted posts that I felt were out of line. There's no favoritism, as we mods try to keep the peace, but we generally let things go if we think that people are bringing up valid points. Which is why a lot of those posts remained, and which is why no moderator here will delete posts or send warnings just because people are asking for release dates or screenshots.

                        The only reason why your thread and other threads about release dates were closed was because there was already a thread talking about release dates, and we close threads that are repeats in order to make the forums a little more orderly (or move the posts to another thread if we're able, which is unfortunately more restricted on the new forums than on the old at the moment).

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                          fusedmass BANNED

                          Thank you Jennifer for clearly outlining my problems and explaining it to me. Of course. I disagree with some things about new site, (i.e. thumbs down option) however I won't go to extreme rudeness in order to get it across. I understand some of them were valid.

                          I am humbled, by being reminded that no mods will send warnings or delete posts just because of release dates. It certainty feels like that at times with the way the community reacts. I arrived here for the walking dead. Yet stayed for wolf among us.

                          And season two of the walking dead. People act as if asking for a release date is new. It's only logical when given zero information and told it will be out "around this month" I think now, I understand and I respect the choices behind those.

                      • lets all just calm down here ok? no matter what no one can change what they did. looking at the past and blaming people for it is a bit unfair because no one can ever change it. at most one can try and create a better future and learn from past mistakes. thats human nature. but to always blame someone for what they did even when there trying to make themselves a better person is in and of itself cruel. so lets just mark this here.

                        lets everyone try to learn from their mistakes and become better people and not bring up the past. because no matter how hard you try the past can never be changed. only a better future can be created.

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                          fusedmass BANNED

                          I'm calm. I'm returning to one of the other threads. My hope if the wolf among us or season 2 isn't finished. That watching walking dead on TV, will inspire them to new solid ideas. If they watched entire season and waited till after that. I wouldn't raise complaint.

                          That's to a different subject.

  • WTF man I'm sure that no one is trying to say that we just want some more gameplay and amazing stories

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