A few questions about purchasing the game


I've played the The Walking Dead game, and I really like games in which your choices impact the (story of) the game. Infact, I've been looking for games like these for a very, very long time :p

So after playing TWD I stumbled upon this on the steam story. It looks great, but I've got a few questions.. I hope someone could answer these for me :)

  1. Is there are reason why the game is cheaper on steam then on the TTG website?

  2. If I buy the game on the TTG website, do I then get a standalone download of the game? Or how does it work.

  3. If I buy the game on the TTG website, how will I, when the game is finished, be able to get the hardcopy/dvd? And howmuch would it cost aproxemately (I live in The Netherlands)?.

  4. If I buy the game on the TTG website, do I then also get a steamkey?

  5. If I buy the game on steam, can I then still get the hardcopy/dvd?

  6. Is there any information about when each episode will be released? I've played The Walking Dead (I've got it on steam), and those episodes were released every 1 ~ 1.5 months, will it be the same for TWAU?

  7. What would you say is the best reason to buy this game? :p

I hope I someone can answer these questions for me :) That'd be greatly appreciated!




    1. It depends on your location I guess, for me in the UK it was cheaper to buy direct on TTG website via Paypal.

    2. You get a link to download the game as an msi installer under 'My Games' when you're logged in, I believe you can download further episodes in-game. Or if not, additional assets for future episodes will be available to download as a separate package after their release and will be patched into the main game.

    3. I guess they will let you know shipping costs via email/ blog updates when the game is done.

    4. No.

    5. I don't think so, I believe it's an incentive to buy direct.

    6. No, but probably the same sort of release schedule as TWD. You'll have to wait and see.

    7. It's awesome. Good story that isn't afraid to go against the grain, great characters and acting. Decisions have consequences etc etc. I could go on.

  • Thanks for the answers!

    I'd like to have it on steam so I can acces it from everywhere.. but I don't want to miss out on a hardcopy :l

    Difficult choice..

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