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Weird glitch in Kenny's Sacrifice for Christa

posted by KieranTheBroski on - last edited - Viewed by 583 users

my video:

Skip to about 3:15 and just watch, you get to see a little more off Kenny running away, and a little glitch I found on the way. Also if your wondering if you drop Christa after the repeated stuff you still get the "You are dead" screen.

  • 3:00

    Look closely in the background, theres someone there? It might just be a walker but it might just be a PERSON. Looks like a walker, but meh.


    Never really noticed until now but look to the right, the poles there, the fuck, and Kenny goes in a certain direction, then circles around and then goes back, as seen by the walkers movements, or maybe theres more than 1 person in there, Molly. MOLLY. MOLLY.

    Kennys alive. I'm in so much denial .-.

  • I can't watch the vid...

  • Yea I dunno why that won't work, but Copy and paste the link into your URL and it should work.

    If that doesn't work, "Kieranforthewin" on utube and find the glitch vid!

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