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I want my money back

posted by EmeraldHeart95 on - Viewed by 956 users

I downloaded TWAU and my computer meets the requirements,to my knowledge, but it refuses to play. I have also downloaded the support for it,and it won't work with that either. I don't want to fix it,because after this,I don't want to play it. I am thoroughly disappointed and won't be buying from TTG again,so please give me a refund.

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    DjNDB Moderator

    I am just a volunteer from the community, so i can't do anything about refunds. It's best to contact TTG support at about that.

    I suggest you check the support FAQ for the issue you see.
    The support tool doesn't fix anything, it creates a file with information that can help troubleshooting the problem. If you still have the problem and want to give it another try, please follow the instructions to run the TWAU Support Tool and post the download link to the resulting "" to your next reply in this thread.
    It would also be good to have a description of what happens, including error messages that might show up.

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