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What happens if you tell Beast the truth?

posted by raythegibson on - Viewed by 13.5K users

I haven't seen a single person who didn't lie to him yet. I know someone must have. What happens if you tell Beauty you won't cover for her? What happens if you tell Beast the truth about her going out? And what happens in the preview for episode 2? You know, where Beast says something along the lines of, "I know you two are hiding something!" And Beauty says, "Thanks...for not saying anything." Something like that.

Like I said, nobody has picked those choices. So I'm curious about what happens.

  • I myself told Beast the truth, it'll be an interesting turn of events for sure.

  • I told Beast the truth. Why would you lie to a guy who is only concerned about his wife?

  • I didn't lie. Call it a woman's instinct but it sounded like something Beauty needs to sort out without Beast getting in the way of that. Although I have no idea what she is up to, I trust her. But I didn't lie to Beast but just chose to stay out of it and avoided his question. She doesn't seem to pose a threat the way I see it. And actually seems she could lead me to some unknown useful information that she may not otherwise say if Bigby told Beast about Beauty.

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