Prince Lawrence questions

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so, the first time I played through I went to Toad's first. We show up at Lawrence's afterwards and, as you know, he's been shot. Once through the chest and again in the head.

Now, if you go there first he hasn't been shot in the head yet, just in the chest.

tweedledee says that he came upon Lawrence and when he told him that faith was dead, he shot himself. That's why he was covered in blood. But Bigby observed that the gun hadn't been fired for a long time, and prince lawrence had been in that chair slowly dying. So that means that the gun on the floor couldn't be the one he used to shoot himself the second time, because that would've happened shortly before we arrived (seeing that tweedledee was still there and still covered in blood.)

so what does this mean? Did Prince Lawrence not really shoot himself (for the second time, i mean, in the head)?

It'd be easier to just assume that he didn't if it weren't for the fact that after WE tell him that Faith is dead he tries to shoot himself (when we're hiding in the closet), which is exactly what Tweedledee describes happening.

So, what? Does he use a DIFFERENT gun to shoot himself in the head? Did Tweedledee just shoot him?

What do you guys think?


  • In my game Lawrence is alive (and will be making an appearance in the next episode) and admits to attempted suicide so as much as I dislike Dee (and I do believe he is involved somehow), I believe he's telling the truth as all Dee seems to do is rummage around as if he's looking for something.... just like he/Dum does at the Woodmans if you opt to go to Toad first.

    As for the gun thing, I'm not sure. I think it might be a slight error or kept in there to make Dee look even more guilty.

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