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I'd love to have some people to read what I've written. I haven't started the 'fan' part yet but would love some impute! It's very short so far and when ever I make a new chapter I'll update this.

The Wolf Among Us Fanfiction
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This fanfiction takes place in the game not the comic. The path I chose was to save Prince Lawrence and go after TweedleDee.
Episode 1: Faith.

Shit had hit the fan to say the least. Faith’s head on the steps outside The Woodlands, Prince Lawrence tried to commit suicide and I feel like everybody’s hiding one thing or another from me. Well except for Snow, Colin and Bufkin. At least I got one of my suspects in custody- what’s that… Red and blue, shit it’s the Mundy police.
“Do anything stupid and I’ll throw you down the Witching Well myself.”
Bigby Wolf walked towards the police tape, heart beating faster with every step. Beast tried to enter the scene with worries for his wife, as the Mundy police stopped him. Bigby knew what had happened but he didn’t want to believe it, not when he had gotten so far, not another murder, please, please… Ducking under the tape and walking towards the main area of commotion, the front steps. He didn’t want it to be true, but as one of the police force members left the scene gagging it just seemed more and more likely.

One of the force members realised a ‘bystander’ was entering the crime scene; he called to the closest officer to stop him.

Time seemed to slow with each step, heart beating faster with each snail-pace second. As Bigby glanced over a large huddle of police officers he saw the thing he had been dreading, the thing he wished he’d never see again, the very thing he had been trying to solve for the last two days, a murder.

Fate also had another cruel twist to throw at the detective, something he held dear, something he wanted to protect, something he loved.
Snow White…

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