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Unable to change Resolution in Settings

posted by tZZZuKKa on - Viewed by 3.2K users

I was just about starting to play the Steam version of Wolf Among Us and run into an odd problem:
I can't change the resolution for the game at all. It says "nil" instead of any known resolutions (See picture 1). The game is also running apparantely only in 640x480.
When I exit the Graphics settings, I also loose everything except the background on the screen (Picture 2).

I tried to switch output ports on my video card (Ati HD6970 with the newest drivers). I also noticed that for some reason, the game seems to work fine on my TV. I can adjust the resolution etc.
But with my primary display (couple years old BenQ, running FullHD), it just won't work.

Haven't had any problems with any previous games made by your engine (The Walking Dead, Monkey Island and Poker Night 2). If you have any ideas on how to fix this, would love to hear them...

Picture 1:
Picture 2:

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