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I tell you what guys! I was about to download phirate version of Wolf among us. And i coud not do that. Instalation had pop up menu that had writen "If you like our games - buy it". I am fuckin ukranian. We and russians and all slavenian dont buy games. We install the phirate version, But your games is defenatly some thing diffrent. It`s so emmotionaly rich... so dramatic. So i coud not just downolad a phirate version. I want season 2 of wd and wau.


  • Yep, it's a common knowledge that slaviks never pay for software, it's something in their genes. That's why Dota2's full of 'em.

    P.S. «sarcasm»

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I will close this thread, as piracy can not be discussed on this forum.

    Please refer to forum rules §2.4, which I quote here in full, because A LOT of new users seem to not have read the guidelines and especially this part.

    Advocating software piracy on this forum, posting links to download sites or naming these sites for reference, admitting to piracy or threats/insinuations/announcements of such actions will all lead to an immediate ban. Community members are discouraged from discussing piracy even if they respond with counter-arguments to a piracy-advocating member.

    This is an official forum after all. Piracy has an absolute zero tolerance here.

    Thanks, guys & gals!

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