• I See it that way: He knows about Lee Everett being a convicted murderer and thus tried to get rid of him as a risk to the group/Lilly while nobody was witnessing the Situation. After he failed killing Lee Larry made very clear he'd finish him if Lee turns out to be danger.
    I can see your point, but a zombie apocalypse is a very extreme situation, in which everybody goes Crazy. You don't actually know what happened to the pharmacy group before Lee and Kennys family approach. WE only know the group had more members - some got bitten and turned. Maybe Larry proved himself as a hero, making him an indisponible member even with that Temper. In My opinion the story benefits of Larry being the angriest jerk possible. In a World like this: do you overlook his bad attitude and profit of one more member in the group for defense or Do you restrict the group to the minimum with just the most trustful members? Thats actually what the first three seasons are about. Making you question Larry and the groups behaviour Telltale made a pretty good job. Besides, the story wouldnt be so thrilling without Larry being the ass he was.

    • I'm not denying that Larry worked best as an ass, or that he should have been cut. I'm just saying there is a very big line between 'ass' and 'psycho', and that line can is quickly crossed via attempted murder.

      Episode 2 had a number of cases where you could extend an olive branch to Larry, such as giving him food or the axe or saying he's just trying to protect his daughter and so forth. All of them were undermined by the scene where Larry punches Lee and leaves him for the Walkers. Had Larry just been rude and obnoxious and made it clear he considered you a danger without the attempted murder or the lunatic insistence on throwing a little boy to the walkers before even confirming he's bitten, he would have been a much better character.

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