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Grendel Question

Ok, when you first see Grendel at the apartments both of his eyes are present, as in you can see both cornea's, but when you are in the bar his right eye is completely white. Now maybe this has something to do with the bar, or something to do with his fable, but IDK what do think it is about?


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    When Grendel is in monster form, his "natural" eye color appears to be white. So it seems like he is partially turning during the bar scene. Maybe due to anger or cheap glamour (or both?). My guess is anger. they seemed to want to let the player in on the fact that tension was brewing. Sort of like how Bigby's turn yellow when he gets mad. That's where I think they were going with it at least.

  • I put it down to both cheap glamour and anger. Grendel says Bigby only has time for the rich folk therefore implying he's not well off and anger seems to play a part in transformations.

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