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    1. Walkers can't smell humans AFAIK. They can however hear and smell blood.
    2. Can be easily explained by the Walkers not being around when Glenn pulled up with his car.

    The only 'error' I've found is Hershel referring Clementine as Lee's daughter even though Lee told Shawn he's just some guy or the other options.

    • First of all: I am not trying to bash that Video game, it's one of the best I've ever played.

      1. if it's just the blood instead of the human itself the walkers can smell there's no use for Lee smearing the rotten flesh all over Clem. They do the same in season 1 of the TV show. Blood is also pouring through human veins - be it the flesh or the blood: you don't have to take My words with a pinch of salt.
      2. i agree with that, Never saw it that Way.

      Never realized Hershels Talking about Clem as Lees daughter

      • zombies have about the same range of smell as the living do, unless your right up on them they don't even know your there.

        • Seems to me you're a zombieologist :)

          • ya...i watched horror shows since i was 3. parents didn't care if i had nightmares or not they wanted to watch nightmare in elm street dang it. -_- anywho i pretty much took to that kind of genre in movies, games, ext so the majority of zombies from them all seem to always stay on one kind of path. they can hear. some can't see. they can only smell as far as a normal person can. they have 2x the normal strength of a person.( that lovely ability to not feel pain probably) that about sums it up.

            • Haha, I like your parents ;)

              • They aren't twice as strong as a person. They're just incredibly motivated to yum down some living flesh, and have no sense of self preservation, so every attack is all or nothing.

                They I do concur though. No superior sense of smell. It's probably worse in fact. They just know fresh meat when they see/smell it.

    1. They where very quiet as another user explained. they'd have to smell you or hear you first, then they'll see you.
    2. Glenn mentioned the walkers came to him after speaking to the girl at the motor inn who commits suicide. meaning they weren't there when he arrived.
  • Something that always bugged me was how the characters would have big arguments, yelling and shouting, when it had been established on multiple occasions that loud noises attracts walkers. Several arguments in the garden in episode 4 and 5 spring immediately to mind. That said, it's something that happens in the TV show practically every episode, so I'd almost consider it an homage.

    • Yeah, I definitely noticed this. I don't know about what you think, but I found that Episodes 1 and 2 were far lower in quality than 3-5... Maybe that just came out of the writers later on realizing what the huge nature of these fights are. Because in episodes 4-5, every loud argument was followed by or during an attack... Aside from, "walk away, Vernon." Although you could say that the walls were insulated enough to avoid too much sound getting outside.

      • Because in episodes 4-5, every loud argument was followed by or during an attack...

        It was never the argument that brought them down on the group though, as far as I can remember. In episode 4, the bell tower brought the initial herd of walkers down on them, the gunshot from Kenny's gun brought them during the attack at River Street, and the argument at the Crawford school was during an attack as you pointed out. And in 5, the central attack of the episode more likely occurred because of Lee's gunshot and then the group stopping and not knowing what to do because of the boat being gone, not so much the fact that there was yelling going on.

        In any case, it's not that much of an logical error because it can simply be assumed that there are no walkers close by enough at that moment to hear the yelling, and it simply wouldn't be good from a storytelling perspective to stop the plot for another attack after every argument. After all, there were no herds in the early episodes, so even if a a couple did show up outside of the Motor Inn wall after all the yelling, it'd just serve to be a quick distraction from the main story.

  • How about lee breaking the padlock to the drug store instead of asking for the key, thus leading to Carley/Doug dying?

    • @Flog61:
      He does ask for the key, and Doug says they don't have it.

      What bugs me is the scene in the alley in episode 4, when you go to search the doctor's body. Then the zombies come from one side, the garage is still full of them from when you got the battery und you can't get over the fence over which you got in (Lee says something in that respect iirc if you try to go back after you jumped the fence in the in-direction) -- And then there's a cut to Lee back in the school. How did he get out? Did I miss something?

      • ....How is it possible for no one to have it, though?

        Carley undoes the lock to go outside and rescue duck, and then puts it back on.

        Unless you say that she just carried around an unlocked padlock with her 'just in case', then someone MUST have had the key.

    • Wait, we're talking about the same padlock Lee axed to get the pharmacy key from his dead brother, right?
      I got confused, cause you guys kept saying someone should have the key to that padlock, but from what I remember that padlock
      uses a combination to open it. Is that what you guys meant? Sorry, slow. But I'm assuming they accidentally screwed the combo when the panic happened.

      • I can't remember what kind of padlock it was, but they would have known the code anyway. They couldn't really break the padlock with their bare hands in the panic, and 4 numbers is easy to learn when your life depends on it :p

        • No, I remember the padlock being a dial type, sorta like the one they use for vaults and safes. and like I said, I'm assuming they accidentally changed the combo when the panic happened.

          • That's possible, although it's a massive assumption isn't it? Why wouldn't someone tell us that it's the case?

            • Maybe it was supposed to be understood when Doug said no one had the combo and everything happened so fast? I understood it the first time I played it. Try playing that part again. But anyway, long story short, this whole padlock thing is not an error IMO. It just so happens that people made rash decisions and screwed something up at the heat of the moment.

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    Are people serious in this post. Your playing a game with zombies crawling around. You want talk logical.

  • I am not a hedge lawyer but Telltales supreme discipline is the writing of the story and character developement. In the end it's all about the credible story in adventure games. That's why there's supposed to be as little logical errors as possible, I mean yeah, it's a game located in the zombie apocalypse, but it's not a shooter game or a resident evil. I think Telltale did very well, but there where some moments I was thinking "wait..."

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    How did Clementine open the door in ep. 3? I don't get it.

    Why nobody stayed with sick Omid in ep. 4? With stalker outside he wasn't safe. Ben, Christa or Vernon - they could stay. Not Clementine - she is a kid! Sneak in to Crawford with Lee, Kenny, Vernon, Christa, Molly, Bree, Ben and "Clementine" - 8 PEOPLE! Bad writing mr. Whitta.

    They couldn't stand smell of dog's carcass. Hello! Rotting zombies everywhere!

    How could Vernon's people steal the boat? It was heavy. My neighbour has a boat and he needs Dodge Ram. Working cars were only in Crawford.

    Andy almost killed Lee. Why nobody tried to help him? Carley/Doug and Ben were just looking.

    • @Omid'sCat About Clem opening the door. Are you referring to the garage where she found the boat? If so, look closely where you found the shovel. there's a duct there that was opened that only a child can fit into.

      • I think he means the door to the building nearby the railroad, where Lee's group meets Omid & Christa (episode 3 he said)

        • Oh right, now I remember! What I said was for episode 4, silly me. Now that I remember, yeah it is weird. I need to play that part again just to make sure whether or not Clem really could reach the knob or not.

  • I repeat my continuity-problem-moment again. No one responded to it, so i guess i just remember it wrong, or somehow missed the explanation in-game.

    In episode 4 Lee goes to the backalley a second time to find the doctors body with the videotape. And then there are zombies coming from one side, the garage is filled with them, And the way over the fence isn't clearable in that direction. And then the game just shows Lee back in the school. How did Lee escape the backalley?

    Anyone wonders about that, too? Or isn't there anything to wonder about, because my memory ist inaccurate?

    • I was wondering about that, too, actually, I found it very awkward first time I played it. I really have no explanation for this, any ideas? Gotta check it on Youtube.

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      Omid's cat BANNED

      He had to climb the fence. No other way.

    • I watched that scene again on Youtube and found another puzzle by that occasion, but let's come to Lee's escape from the backalley first:

      @Omid's cat

      "He had to climb the fence. No other way."

      There's a hell lot of barbwire on the fence, imo that escape route is nearly impossible to cross over. On the other hand I don't see any other way than that - Lee even flees toward the fence. I remember me being unsatisfied with the sudden jump cut on my first playthrough.

      The other thing I found weird is the fact there were tons of walkers in the school behind the door with the axe blocking it up. Why would they be gone when Ben removes the axe? We will never know, found it very puzzling, though.

      • The other thing I found weird is the fact there were tons of walkers in the school at the door with the axe blocking it up. Why would they be gone when Ben removes the axe? We will never know, found it very puzzling, though.

        Yeah, it made for a nice dramatic moment, with the zombies busting through the door, just after they realized where Ben got that axe. I am somewhat ok with that, the zombies after spending several minutes trying to get through the door and not getting through, were maybe roaming around trying to find another way. And just came back after Ben removed the axe.

        On the other hand. These walkers are there the whole time you walk around the school, aren't they? (memory is shaky)
        So they just move away from the door in the time Lee watches the second (and maybe third) videotape and come back right after...

        ...yeah a little fishy

        • @Made wrote: On the other hand. These walkers are there the whole time you walk around the school, aren't they?

          Yes they were, all the time, after Kenny and Brie brought the gas.

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