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Why not make walking dead a multiplayer game or for windows phone.

  • that would be the single most complex thing to ever create. how would one implement it? co-op? vs? how would you create the story line? would you be able to kill other players? how long would the game last? days? months? personally i dont even know where one would even begin to try and create something like that.

  • I don't really think this genre of games is suitable for multiplayer. I just don't see it happening but you never know. The gaming industry is full of surprises.

  • "Dont worry clem. here have m-"

  • Telltale has a long and established history of crafting well-written and entertaining single-player experiences.

    They have absolutely no experience in multiplayer, and I doubt they've even know where to begin.

  • they could just make it one of thoose generic N64 Era 4-player multiplayer slap on's like what was in Goldeneye or Star Fox.
    Just run around in a FPS collecting weapons:
    Avalible deathmatch characters:

    • Larry
    • Lee
    • Clementine
    • Lilly
    • Kenny.
    • 7 days to die kinda has that. you can create stuff like minecraft kill zombies loot corpses. it looks cool its sadly a tad expensive in my book though for $35. but it is still in alpha. the problem with creating games like that is other people will kill others to troll them. it would be interesting to have a game as story driven as the walking dead and have to look for supplies build defences and build relationships with npcs that could build up story over time. i believe one day we will get to that point where we can make that however it would more than likely take years to make. at most 10 years to perfect.

    • I'm not denying such a thing couldn't work, but I'd much rather a developer with experience in the genre did it.

  • Oh my god... why.

  • i dont wanna care about supplies, defense, relationships and stuff. neither i want open world, quests, multiplayer or any other sh*t like that, cause this wouldnt be an adventure-game anymore. adventure-games focus on conversations, story and presentation and not on rpg-like factors and mulitplayer-bullsh.

  • That would stray to far away from the "single-player RPG" kinda feel. The single player allows you to attach yourself to the game more so than you would while playing with a friend... (totally my opinion)

  • Online multiplayer might work if it was a "sandbox" type of game where there were missions to aid in survival or something like that, but it would be very difficult to implement, and to put any kind of storyline that would have the same kind of impact that the game has now. In my opinion, if the game was multiplayer, it would loose what makes it so special in the first place.

  • I think this is the most inappropriate suggestion for a game that I've ever heard.

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