• I'm sticking with my theory. Woodbury is coming, I just know it.

  • Tavia seems to be good. I watched this vid and I am pretty sure it's a good community.
    The guy on the radio mentions they are looking for good people which means they aren't up for any risks and trouble, so imo they can't be just more cannibals or a totalitarian dictatorship community. I assume you're joining Tavias group and there will be some kind of a horrible incident, which leads you to Woodbury in season three.

    • On the second thought, they seem very desperate for taking 'as much of them as they can' - why?
      Why are they even trying so hard to find people? It's conflicting.

  • You should see Tavia's smile if you pick "..." when Vince says "How do we know this'll work out?" Creepy as hell.

  • I think Tavia is just someone else's "puppet." She herself isn't necessarily bad, but there's definitely something fishy going on. She may think she's doing the right thing, when in reality she coul be feeding them into a metaphorical meat grinder.

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    Men on radios and women promising food and shelter? If there's one thing we've learned from Season One, it's that nothing bad can come from either of these things.

  • lmao! It is weird that Tavia is the one who felt the need to say (or have the option to say) anything about cannibalism...

  • I don't know, everyone went with her in my play through. She seemed nice...but the way she was walking around the walkers and approaching random groups apparently unarmed made me think she was a little crazy :d Though I guess everyone would have gone a /little/ crazy.

  • I just had a random thought, what if Tavia's group ARE cannibals? If I remember right, the guy on the radio says to get as many (of the people at the camp) as she can. Tavia mentions cannibalism, and is a FATTY. (when have you ever seen a fat person in The Walking Dead?) She built up all that blubber somehow so we do know for sure that she has been eating well. And she also says you can take her hostage if you want. If it was a trap then she would know it and thus not really care about being hostage because she knows there are other people where they are going that are going to kill them anyways, and even if her plan of being a hostage doesn't work, then her camp will have enough food from all her blubbery meat for weeks or months, depending on how big her group is.

    If her group turns out to be like woodbury, and she isn't a cannibal, then maybe it is just an enclosed area that her community is in, where walkers don't get to them as much. maybe the community is one of those walled in cult communities, and they are simply recruiting members?

    but seriously, I cant wait for season 2 it's going to be epic. I hope they continue the series indefinately

  • In the game there are only 2 heffers though. There is the st. johns dairy lady who we know for sure earned her massive rolls of blubber from eating long pink, and Tavia who also has more rolls than a bakery. I'm not saying she's definitely likes her people meat, but i think theres a good chance.

  • I said it that way to get a few people to laugh. And it looks like it may have worked.

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