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Telltale games from steam...

posted by Stereolife on - last edited - Viewed by 612 users

Can i connect and get my steam games into the "My games" category or do i have to buy them here first? I want them to be there even if I can't play them here. Can any one help me or can't this be done? I don't really feel like buying them a second time.

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  • I'm pretty sure you'd have to buy them again, the two stores don't really connect. The games you have on Steam are games you purchased on Steam, while the games you purchase here are the games you've purchased on the TellTale games store. I believe the "my games" section is for games you have purchased from the Telltale store, not to catalog a collection. I could be wrong of course, but that's my understanding.

    If it helps I'm in an opposite situation. I have all my games through the Telltale store so I could pick up the physical copies if they offer them, but I'd really love them all on my Steam account. I wish they'd sell Steam codes through the Telltale store with an option to buy a physical copy later. A system like that would solve both of our problems.

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