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im sure you are all titillated like i was when i was playing this game by the comming soon on the episode's i just played the first episode for the first time a week age and i am hooked what my question is is this is it going to be an episodic release like twd was and do like one episode a month to keep us in suspense or are they going to try and make us wait longer but like i said earlier i am hooked and this is just a question as to when i could be even more hooked on the second episode and onward thanks for taking the time to read this :)


  • At the moment, no-one knows. Telltale have said nothing about future release dates, and probably won't say anything until a couple of days until they actually release it - it's just their style.

    As a complete guess though, I'd GUESS Ep 2 would come out around the end of November.

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    alright thanks for the guess its just murder waiting for something that im hooked on like this :) (no pun intended)

  • i hope its mid november since finals will come around the corner

  • This is why I'm glad I was late to The Walking Dead party, by the time I'd found the game and bought it all 5 chapters were already out, I remember thinking about how maddening it was for the people who played it in real time as they waited for the chapters to slowly come out.

    Well. . . .now I'm here too XD

    Great marketing technique but absolutely evil XD

  • ikr if only they would come out sooner i mean they get us hooked on these games then take FOREVER to release each chapter so you said it it's maddening waiting for each chapter to come out although i was out in front of TWD party so i should be in an insane asylum now waiting for TWAU chapter 2 and on lol

  • Telltale has said that they plan to release each episode between a 1.5-2 month time frame, so either mid-late November or early December is when it's going to get released.

  • so its gonna be like the walking dead every two months

  • ill tell you what im about sick of waiting it is stupid to announce 2 new ip's when you haven't updated one of the one's they have now in 3 months i don't think i'll play another telltale game after TWDS2

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