• Probably not important, but if you ask Faith who she is after the fight with Woody (but before jumping down the window), then she says the same thing to avoid answering the question. Which brings the count up to three possible iterations.

  • im guessing a spell

  • I thought when Faith said it that it was just a way to say that she wasn't gonna cough up information. But the magic mirror made me curious of the meaning of the quote when he said it.

  • I think its something to do with whoever gave her the neck ribbon. It mite not be a spell but maybe she knows someone is always watching. (like the redhead) . I think maybe she got the ribbon not from the pimp but a girl she worked with gave it to her and that girl (prostitute) mite know something. just a thought.

  • just realized that in the fables comics #9 charmed (or actually cursed) and enslaved smith Weyland repeated same line over and over again: "i'm sorry, but i can't do anything by word or deed, to help you set me free"

    i think "These lips are sealed" thing is same magic.

    • I gota get the comics. but maybe in the game they mite twist it up so its not so predictable for the comic readers. but that would make alot of sense. now i think of it it dose sound like magic

  • Do we know every single fable, parable, nursery rhyme, and fairytale in the world? No. Can we look up all of them? Yes. Clues are in the game, but answers we need to find out. You have to tear off Grendel's arm for the clue, look up Bigby's dad while remembering bricklebit and Faith's story. Also don't tear off Grendel's arm for another clue about Faith if you didn't read 1001 Nights of Snowfall.

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