• Definitely Beauty's behavior is something to investigate. And I think whether u lie to Beast or no will change the story. But sometimes TTG has the habit of putting the same ending for two choices. But good thinkin.

  • It should be noted that in Fairest No. 7, Lamia is working for an agency called Smoke & Mirrors that would send out cigarette girls to bars. The pimp, who is probably Georgie Porgie, might be trying to get Beauty back working for him, not realizing that it was Lamia who worked for him.

  • i think she was cheating on beast

  • I don't think she's cheating on Beast, but Beast will suspect that she is, and with Bigby, if you lie to him about seeing her maybe.

  • I completely forgot about Lamia which is ironic if you ask me.

    Either way, I don't think Lamia is coming back. She undergoes a personality change and to me, she seemed normal (minus being nervous).

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    Nice finds Fabrimunch and Moonking.

  • Well if you said she only killed men who did harm to women then seeing as Faith and Snow are women and do no harm to anyone then that doesn't fit her M.O.

    • That's why I ruled her out as a suspect for the murders of Snow and Faith. But Lamia could be lurking the strip club with murderous intentions. And when she finds out there's a serial killer who targets women on the loose, then that is when Lamia might decide to act.

  • oh, I see, fine, when I say it its: "tumbs down thumbs down, burn the heretic" when you say it, its all roses.

    as to the MO, remember the Lamia first killed beauty "for the sake of killing something beautiful" and took on her form, this might be the first time lamia woke up with princesses all over the place... but actually I have new theory I am working on

    • I guess people are just more receptive to new ideas when they aren't reeking of arrogance and condescension.

      As for the actual theory, I don't think Telltale is going to touch on such an involved storyline from the comics and spoil it for those who may not have read it. There might be subtle hints or nods to the Lamia arc but probably not even that.

      What do I think Beauty is really doing? No clue. I may be wrong but I don't remember actually seeing Beauty at the strip club. Bigby does say "I found out where she's been staying" while walking towards what appears to be a strip club or brothel but he could be referring to Holly's sister (which would explain Holly's "Oh, oh my..." reaction). The exchange with Beast/Beauty takes place in a non-descript alley and Beast's reaction ("You shouldn't be here! It's not safe!") sounds a bit too calm and reasoned for a man who just found out his wife was moonlighting as a stripper.

      • It ain't the entire storyline though and Bigby does fight Beast. The mirror said "friend on friend... at the end of the end." I'm beginning to think that The Fairest is about what happens before, within, and after TWAU.

  • Wow. I didn't know that. I need to catch up with the comic.

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