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  • I hope Cinderella at least makes a cameo.

  • I guess Cinderella is agent already. In one issue she told she had much more time to train her agent abilities than anyone else, cause she had time of several human's lives. I guess that doesn't mean she started it in '80s, right? MAYBE she's not agent of Bigby yet, but she's surely into this job already.
    To be honest, when I saw title graphics for futher episodes, I fought we can see her on one of those... I know that girl looks more like some police girl, but maybe from some reasons it is Cindy?

    • The game alludes to the fact that Cinderella is already an agent in Episode One. When Bigby and Snow look up Faith in the book you can see Cinderella's entry on the previous page is heavily redacted.

      It's the little touches like that I really appreciate!

  • What if Bigby heard or smelled another fable? He wouldn't reveal that Cindy is a spy. In the book of tales Bufkin reads Cindy is next to Donkeyskin and has disclosed/concealed info stamp meaning she's a spy. When Bigby leaves Fabletown and gives his job to Beast he reveals every secret including Cinderella's job. Cindy worked for Bigby since Cindy became a spy.

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