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In the preview for episode 2, we get a glimpse of Faith's pimp, and I noticed he had spiderweb tattoos on his arms. I suspect this is a hint to his identity, and that he's a spider Fable of some kind. Perhaps Anansi, or else Little Miss Muffin's husband.


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    His "Kiss the Girl" Tattoo across his chest makes me think he might be from The Little Mermaid, maybe even Sebastian.

  • My guess: Georgie Porgie (he kissed the girls and made them cry).

  • Oh that's a nice theory! Georgie Porgie does seem to match.

  • Considering "Georgie" is the name that Prince Lawrence gives, I'd say you got it spot-on.

  • Definitely a Little Mermaid reference but I don't know if they would be allowed to go any further than that, since Sebastian is a Disney character.

  • and he's got a tattoo of a slice of pie on his neck :3

  • Nope, it's a Georgie Porgie reference. He "kissed the girls and made them cry". Perfect for a ruthless pimp.

  • Pffffttttt I just realized if you save Prince Lawrence and ask. . . .one of the questions he says "Georgie" I didn't even put that together until just now, it backs up Xyphic's assumption of it being Georgie Porgie though.

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  • Ah, so that's who Georgie is! Good find guys.

  • He has kissed the girls tattoo the chapter we see him is make them cry. Georgie Porgie is the pimp.

  • Wow I never considered that, and he has a pie tattoo on his neck as well. Awesome find.

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    First Lawrence mentions a Georgie and if you look at all the pimp's tattoos it matches Georgie Porgie. "Georgie Porgie, puddin' pie, he kissed the girls and made them cry." The pimp has a pie tattoo on the right side of his neck, he has a tattoo which says "Kissed the Girls" on his chest, and on Steam if you look at all the achievements there is one which has a picture of the pimp and is titled "Made Them Cry" and he has a tear drop tattoo on his face. So most likely TTG made the pimp Georgie Porgie.

  • Agreed. I wonder though,since it's entirely possible to let Lawrence die,without him giving you the name beforehand, how does Bigby find Georgie in Episode 2?

  • by the time episode 2 comes out the case will be solved!

  • I think we already solved 80% of the case. Especially if we read the Cinderella comics, and have good eye sight.

  • Either through Dee, Woody, or Beauty. Woody got Faith's services right. Dee knows too much. Beauty is seen inside the club/brothel.

  • Ah right,that makes sense,my mistake then,haha. xD Another question though: When is beauty seen inside the brothel? I mean,I know she must be connected to this place,but I never saw her there in the epilogue of Episode 1. :O

  • It's very short. Beauty either says "you told him?" or "Thanks for not saying anything". If you tell Beast you saw Beauty you'll notice Beauty is inside the brothel.

  • Ah,there is the problem. I never told Beast that I saw Beauty. A promise is a promise in my books. Thanks for clearing that up for me. :)

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    No problem. When I promised her I kept it. When I told her I wasn't going to lie, I told Beast the awkward truth. There are two ways to tell the truth and a way to lie if you tell Beast you saw Beauty.

  • If you watch the Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors trailer you notice that Bigby says " I've found out where she's been staying." The scene shows the Pimp (Georgie) in the background with girls in front of a bar and Bigby walking up to them and another scene in the exact spot and Georgie talking to Bigby. A big hint is when Bigby mentions SHE it can't be Faith because she is already dead and the sentence is in present tense so this means that Bigby found out where a main female character stays, which is the bar, and led Bigby to straight to Georgie.

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    I think he is talking about Beauty

  • There is a likely chance that it is Beauty because she is one of the only main alive female characters and she has been very mysterious.

  • It could be Beauty. Could also be Holly's sister, though. I'm sure that the fact that she's been missing will come into play later in the story.

  • That's another really good character.

  • Go check out my thread about Ep. 2 because I'm adding on to my proof of him with his 'Kiss the Girls" and pie tattoo and on Steam an achievement with a pic of the pimp which is titled "Made them Cry." They part I found was In the club he was at in the pic on my thread was name "Pudding and Pie."
    When you put it all together it makes the rhyme. "Georgie Porgie PUDDING AND PIE, he KISSED THE GIRLS, and MADE THEM CRY."

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