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Faiths´ Ring - and other rings theory!

posted by Gallagin on - Viewed by 359 users

Anyone noticed how Faiths´ ring changed Color on the street??? It was like "pulsating" red as if someone gave her a warning... Found this very strange --- or was I drunk? Anybody else saw this?

By the way - I told Snow that I thought the pimp did it because as far as Information went I did not think it was any of the guys we were presented as suspicious and Faith seemed to be scared of her "employer"... That said I also doubt that the girls are dead - more thinking it is like a Fable-Princess-Sex-Ring-Trafficking-Stuff!

And the heads are to hide the fact that the ladies are still alive - maybe hindering the search in a way... I guess that the ginger-head man kidnapped Snow and the head is just glamour put on a pumpkin or melon or whatever…

I also guess that, because of the crook the red-haired guy wears as a tie that he is some kind of a shepherd – a shepherd with a grudge on Bigby for murdering his heard…

He is a hired thug by someone else and even the pimp won’t be the main villain…

Great game so far – how long till episode 2???

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